101 Hazing Alternatives

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1. Participate in a leadership retreat/weekend with a ropes course and teambuilding activities

2. Incorporate teambuilding activities into the regular meetings of the Initiate class and solicit the participation for the Chapter leadership.

3. Develop a community volunteer service project for the Chapter to be performed on a regular basis.

4. Create a senior recognition ceremony, demonstrating the continues involvement of Brothers and commitment to the Fraternity.

5. Sponsor/host a career skill development and planning workshop for all Brothers (can be held in conjunction with resources available on campus).

6. Attend an educational speaker as a Chapter with the Initiate class, process and discuss what was presented as a large group.

7. Institute a book club focused on leadership and growth comprised of all members of the chapter.

8. Invite faculty members to lunch with Initiates.

9. Have a discussion facilitated by a Chapter advisor, Fraternity representative or Chapter officer in relation to the values and purpose of the organization.

10. Sponsor or host a study skills workshop for the Chapter membership (can be held in conjunction with resources available on campus).

11. Host an alumni speaker each week for formal dinner and/or Chapter meeting.

12.Host and plan an arts and crafts/construction session, contracting items for needing organizations.

13. Participate in a recruitment retreat and/or workshop with the entire Chapter memberships

14. Invite undergraduate leaders of the Greek community or officers of student organizations on campus to speak about governance, involvement and relationships of the community.

15. Invite the Greek Affairs advisor or faculty advisor to speak about the resources available from his/her office.

16. Host a dinner and movie for the Initiate class and/or the Brotherhood.

17. Shadow an officer of the Chapter and assist in the planning/execution of a program/event.

18. Shadow an alum/advisor in your field of study to generate better relationship among constituents of the Chapter and yourself.

19. Develop semester/annual goals and objectives for the Chapter and a series of action plans and strategies for accomplishing these benchmarks.

20. Plan and execute a fundraiser to help offset initiation cost and membership fees.

21. Include all Initiates in Chapter meetings or a portion thereof.

22. Include all Initiates in regular programming and activities.

23. Host/sponsor a speaker on health and fitness.

24. Encourage members to become involved in activities in the community and campus outside of the organization.

25. Evaluate the Initiate process, before, during, and after (ask for the opinions of constituents and those outside the organization).

26. Host a father's weekend.

27. Host a mother's weekend.

28. Host a family and friends weekend.

29. Ask a representative from the National Headquarters and/or Chapter advisor to provide a presentation or information on available programs and resources.

30. Host a discussion on the finances of the Chapter and the breakdown of each expense.

31. Attend/host a Greek Council meetings or a meeting with other student organizations on campus.

32. Participate in Greek community or campus sponsored events (athletic events, speakers, and philanthropy projects).

33. Review parliamentary procedure, it's purpose and necessary areas of use.

34. Work with University/College involvement/leadership programming to develop a presentation and discussion on motivation and group dynamics.

35. Host/sponsor a presentation from the University/College alumni association and/or Foundation to encourage involvement in host institution after graduation.

36. Host a certified instructor to administer the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory.

37. Ask a faculty member or University/College staff to provide a presentation on ethical decision-making.

38. Ask a faculty member or University/College staff to provide a presentation/discussion on diversity.

39. Host/sponsor a campus health educator to provide a presentation on suicide, eating disorders, depression, sexual assault, and other health issues.

40. Create and execute an alumni pen pal or writing campaign among the members.

41. Discuss risk management liability with the University/College legal council.

42. Brainstorm new methods of positive recruitment and education.

43. Host an all campus/community event to "meet the Brothers".

44. Encourage Initiates to play on the chapter intramural teams.

45. Schedule a weekend each season devoted to the clean-up of the campus or surrounding community.

46. Develop an academic incentive program for Initiates and the entire Chapter.

47. Conduct regular roundtable, gavel pass ceremonies.

48. Host/sponsor a speaker on the history of the Greek organizations.

49. Brainstorm new methods for improving scholarship performance of Brothers.

50. Attend a campus performance or athletic event chosen by the Initiate class.

51. Host a speaker from the campus library to provide information regarding effective research methods.

52. Hold a discussion regarding membership standards and expectations.

53. Participate and attend regional and national leadership programming of the Fraternity.

54. Participate and attend local leadership programming of the University/College.

55. Utilize case studies on hazing and risk management to discuss positive methods of development and additional alternatives.

56. Write a letter to a mentor thanking them for their guidance and leadership.

57. Write a letter to a mentor thanking them for their guidance and leadership.

58. Write a letter to yourself to be mailed in two months or upon a major event stating your goals, aspirations, thoughts, feels, and hopes for continued development.

59. Conduct an executive board meeting with open and encouraged attendance of CHapter members.

60. Conduct a joint meeting of the Chapter executive board and the Initiate class officers.

61. Host/Sponsor the University/College president to speak about the campus and his/her role and understanding of the Greek community.

62. Host/sponsor a speaker from the University/College career development/planning center.

63. Host/sponsor a faculty recognition dinner.

64. Create and develop an event with a non-Greek organization on campus.

65. Host/sponsor CPR and FIRST AID certification for all members of the Chapter.

66. Host/sponsor a city council representative and/or Mayor to speak to the Chapter.

67. Encourage members to register to vote.

68. Host/sponsor a financial advisor to discuss credit and personal finances.

69. Produce an educational project researching the founding and evolution of the organization.

70. Encourage members to write an editorial essay on thoughts from the book "Wrongs of Passage," by Hank Nuwer.

71. Host/sponsor a domestic abuse speaker with another organization on campus.

72. Develop and create an alternative spring break program for all members.

73. Recognize positive contributions to the chapter from alumni members, parents, and volunteers.

74. Recognize the positive contributions of 1 member in each class year.

75. Encourage members who attend local, regional, and national leadership programming to provide testimonials and speak of their experiences.

76. Conduct a chapter fundraiser to sponsor a member to attend UIFI, FuturesQuest', or Leadershape.

77. Hold a discussion on the symbols and insignia of the organization.

78. Research and review publications and materials from other organizations to learn of resources and programs each provides.

79. Develop and create a parents alliance for the Brotherhood.

80. Dedicate a weekend to clean, repair, and refurbish any and all ritual regalia and equipment.

81. Encourage Brothers to schedule at least 1 hour each day for personal development and reflection.

82. Host/sponsor a campus health professional to discuss personal fitness and dietary facts.

83. Dedicate an evening to officer transition and election for the Initiate class. Ask each Chapter officer to provide a 5 minute testimonial on their role and responsibilities.

84. Identify a Chapter gift for the University/College and begin to allocate the proper budgeting.

85. Eliminate the creation of Initiate class paddles, mugs, nick names, canisters, etc.

86. Host/sponsor a speaker on etiquette.

87. Gather once a week for dinner and lunch in a formal dining hall.

88. Invite Chapter advisors to Initiate class meetings.

89. Visit the National Headquarters as a Chapter and/or new member class.

90. Partner with a local service organization/altruism to support throughout the year.

91. Host/sponsor a sorority recognition week in conjunction with Women's awareness month.

92. Recognize a member of the week or MVP throughout the semester, who receives a special badge, medallion, or specific artifact of the Chapter.

93. Celebrate the birthdays of members in the new member class with jointly signed card.

94. Encourage the consistent practice of thank you cards and correspondence of members to all constituents.

95. Develop an Initiate class journal with pictures and inspirational quotes to capture the experience and thoughts of the class.

96. Develop a mentoring program with a local elementary school, where Brothers visit once a week to spend time with their designated student.

97. Visit local retirement center and volunteer service to the staff and imply spend time with the residents.

98. Developm and construct a neightberhood and community relationship plan, fostering good relationships among neighbors.

99. Donate clothing and food to local pantries and shelters.

100. Host a career panel featuring local alumni.

101. Host/sponsor a BBQ and welcome reception for international students.


101 Hazing Alternatives



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