16th Delta Tau Chapter Executive Board

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16th Executive Board of Delta Tau Chapter

Installed May 2016

Traditionally, Members were not eligible for Executive Board positions unless they had been a Member for a full year. However, Sydney and Devin were allowed to run for their positions due to a lack of interest from qualified members. After the 2016 Grand Chapter removed the Regional Delegate position from the constitution, Karen Hall was the last member to hold that position. Also, at the end of the Spring 2016 semester, the Chapter created a New Member Liaison position, which serves as a representative of the most recent initiate class. After the Fall 2016 semester, Elizabeth Gammill was removed from the Initiate Advisor position and Jaren Davis was elected to replace her. Following that, an amendment was made to the Chapter Bylaws to change the position of Initiate Advisor to a two person Co-Initiate Advisor position and Donmari Pingul was elected to fill the other position.

Position Name Initiate Class Previous office
President Dallas Brock Alpha Gamma Recruitment Advisor
Vice President Marissa Gonzalez Alpha Gamma Secretary
Secretary Sydney Reed Alpha Zeta None
Treasurer Caitlin Light Alpha Epsilon Fundraising Chair
Historian Andrew Dippel Alpha Epsilon Historian
Recruitment Advisor Devin Edwards Alpha Zeta None
Initiate Advisor
Co-Initiate Advisor
Co-Initiate Advisor
Elizabeth Gammill
Jaren Davis
Donmari Pingul
Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Zeta
Alpha Epsilon
Public Relations Chair
Scholarship Chair
Brother At Large Daeja Thomas Alpha Epsilon Social Chair
New Member Liaison Mack Rather
Jeremy Davis
Alpha Zeta
Alpha Eta