1937 Grand Chapter Conference

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Grand Chapter 1937

The 1937 Grand Chapter Conference took place on February 27, 1937 in St. Louis, Missouri.


James M. McCallister reported in the 1937 Lampadion the issues addressed during this conference. Notably steady growth of the organization was a key issue. The organization had over 2,000 members, in 19 chapters in 11 states. McCallister shared the need to unify some larger efforts under a national structure, notably a national program which would reinforce the ideals of the tripod.

McCallister also called for a more aggressive expansion effort to many of the 140 Teachers Colleges.

Additionally McCallister addressed the geographic challenges or bringing a national organization together for a Grand Chapter Conference. He suggested the organization consider how feasible it would be for the national organization to subsidize the cost for each delegate.