2006 Delta Chi Chapter History

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The following is an overview of 2006 Delta Chi Chapter History.

Brother at Large

To assist with lines of communication between Exec. board and the brotherhood Delta Chi Chapter established a Brother at Large. Brother at Large elections were held on January 23. Through a process that allowed an unlimited number of brothers to run for the position, three brothers accepted nominations to run non-competitively for the position(s). A motion was passed by unanimous consent to raise the majority to 2/3 for the brother at large position so as to ensure the confidence of the chapter in each candidate. Matt Lapovsky and Brandon Fishman were elected as the new Brothers at Large. Both Matt and Brandon acted as an extra liaison between the chapter and the executive board. Through their position, they hope to create greater unity within the chapter.

The Brother at Large position is a dual edged sword. On one hand these brothers are committed helping air complaints and repair any grievances one may have with the chapter. One the other, they will celebrate the excellence of our brothers. Matt and Brandon used their position to create a Most Valuable Brother award to be awarded monthly. They were available throughout the week to receive nominations for this award. Stephen Eckel won this award for the month of March for his outstanding dedication to the chapter and his invaluable knowledge of the history and Robert’s Rules. He was given a gift certificate to Johnny’s Bagels.

Delta Chi Increases Attendance at ICR Events

Delta Chi continued to strive for more of a national presence this semester. A wide variety of inter chapter events were brought before the chapter. Planning and advertising for these events began early and continued throughout the semester. Everyone was encouraged to attend as many events as they could so Delta Chi could be represented. ICR chair Spencer McCord watched the national Listserv closely to spot events that were feasible for brothers to attend. Events from Omicron Jell-O wrestling to Tau and of course, Alpha Beta Volleyball were heavily encouraged.

Six brothers attended Omicron Chapter’s 3rd annual Jell-O Wrestling weekend February 10-12 in Shippensburg, PA. While these brothers were not up for a round in the ice cold ring, they helped contribute to the Four Diamonds Fund which raises money for children with cancer and their families.

This year, Delta Chi broke its own record of the most attendees at an inter-chapter event by sending 33 people, 21 brothers and 12 rushes, to the Alpha Beta 14th Annual Volleyball tournament. AB was heavily pushed by Spencer and those who attended last year billing it as the best time they ever had. Their encouragement worked. Delta Chi was able to support four full teams, more than any other chapter present and the max number allowed at the event. Two teams placed in the top eight with The Stallions narrowly losing to our sister chapter, Alpha Eta, to take second.

Group picture of Brothers at Alpha Beta volleyball.

Delta Chi made itself distinguishable through its service efforts at Alpha Beta as well. The service project of the weekend turned food collection into a competition, asking each chapter to bring food to donate to a local charity that made meals for those with terminal illnesses. Each item was given a point value and the chapter with the most points was promised a prize. Dragging canned goods all the way from Pennsylvania to Maryland, Delta Chi managed to rack up 1300 points, by far the highest of any chapter present with the runner up gathering only 100 points. The Delta Chi Brothers were personally thanked by Alpha Beta for "saving" their service project and received the outstanding service award as well as the promised prize – which turned out to be Nintendo® plush toys.

But the event wasn’t all hard work. The Brothers let loose with their new friends at a Nintendo themed party and Highlighter party. Many of the brothers put serious thought and effort into their Nintendo costumes, roving once again the Delta Chi commitment to brotherhood and Alpha Beta. Alumni George Berger even grew out a mustache in order to be Luigi for the party. Between some serious volleyball and some outrageous parties, the Delta Chi Brothers fully enjoyed getting to know their inter chapter brothers.

George Berger dressed as Luigi

Formal Goes to Philly

After the amazing success of last year’s formal, Delta Chi was ready to strive towards bigger and better things. Instead of merely planning another formal, the Social committee and ICR chair teamed up to plan a weekend ICR event centered around the Spring Formal. The event took place in central Philadelphia in conjunction with the Gamma Xi Chapter at Drexel University. After much discussion between the two chapters, it was decided to follow Drexel’s original plans for location, though in the future. Ly Michaels was chosen as the location for the dinner and dancing because of the great loyalty that exists between the restaurant and the Drexel chapter. Everyone was duly impressed by the food. Three different appetizers were served to each table of Brothers – spring rolls, chicken satay dumplings and vegetable tempura. After enjoying these and drinks from the cash bar, the both chapters were served their choice from three entrées – honey walnut chicken with mangoes, crab cakes or steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. A refreshing dessert of raspberry sorbet followed dinner.


The brothers then made way for the restaurant staff to clear out the tables and chairs and for the DJ to set up. After some mingling with their inter chapter brothers in very close quarters, everyone was ready to let loose and dance. In traditional Delta Chi style the Brothers danced the night away. After stalling through momentary delays, “Brother” was produced by one heroic brother and everyone linked arms in a circle and sang the official ending of the event.


As everyone left the restaurant, they received purple and yellow Nalgene bottles displaying the PSP crest and Spring Formal 2006. Accommodations had been made for all present at a nearby hotel. Some brothers found the energy to hang out with some of the Gamma Xi Brothers in their apartment only blocks form the hotel. Others enjoyed some much-needed sleep. In the morning, Delta Chi enjoyed the beautiful Philadelphia Art Museum before heading back to Lehigh. While most of the planning for the event fell on the shoulders of Gamma Xi, Delta Chi plans to take more control of their event in the future. Despite some minor flaws, the event was one to remember and everyone enjoyed the chance to see their Philly brothers once again.

Rush Changeover

Rush started off with a change in leadership. Brigit Bruning was elected to be the Rush Advisor for the Fall semester and she was eager to get her events underway. Starting the second week of the semester, info sessions were held to show Lehigh what PSP was all about. That very weekend, the formal rush period kicked off the traditional Cookies and Cards. Brothers and Initiate hopefuls chatted together while making Halloween and Get Well Soon cards for kids in the local hospital. This semester, a new rush event was released into action. A Campus Adventure was planned and executed with Rushes and Brothers creating mixed teams that had to find the answers to campus trivia question across the university. Everyone had a blast finding obscure corners of campus, getting to know each other, and maybe a little friendly sabotage. The first period of rush was finished off with the traditional lunch event, held this time in the comfy chairs of the Upper Hawks Nest Diner. Everyone relaxed and ate lunch together in between classes as they met potential new brothers.

Two new events were very successful. As a scholarship event, a Trivia Game show was hosted, pairing Brothers and Rushes together in a battle of knowledge and wit. The game show provided a learning opportunity in more than one way giving many ideas how to make it even better in the future, but was by far the most liked event. A Sports and Snacks event was also held in place of the traditional kickball match. Thinking everyone might be sick of kickball, we headed up the hill for some sand volleyball, and a little foosball and pool, and some chips and salsa. The event allowed for a lot more conversation and non-competitive interaction and was enjoyed by all.

Alumni Tailgates and Improved Alumni Relations

This semester Alumni Chair Shawn Bialas worked closely with Vice President Laura Petrini to plan Delta Chi’s first Alumni Weekend. Brothers volunteered to cook a wide variety of dishes for a potluck dinner to kick off the weekend. Alumni came and enjoyed the good food and good company, happy to see their Brothers again. Saturday morning, the Brothers and Alumni gathered for home football tailgates before the game. More food was consumed, Frisbee was played and a good time was had by all. At the request of the Alumni, Shawn and Laura did not pack the weekend with events so Alumni could have time to visit with their other friends and participate in campus-wide events without missing out on any PSP fun. With this in mind, no large party or other event was planned for the weekend. All the Alumni who came said the weekend was executed smoothly and was a perfect balance of time. They were all glad to be back and to see everyone. Due to the success of the weekend, this looks to be an annual event for the chapter.

Another idea devised by the committee this semester was to have an alumnus of the week. Much like other weekly announcements, we were looking to “introduce” an alumni to the Chapter every week in order to familiarize active Brothers with names and actions of past Brothers. Much of the information would be pulled from the internet survey that was set up at the beginning of the semester.

The Service Committee Keeps Brothers Busy

This semester, the service committee, headed by Lauren Berner, chose the variety approach to planning events. Instead of focusing their efforts on a narrow range of charities, the committee planned events that covered the gamut of giving. Events ranged from supporting a campus-wide effort to promote World Aids Day by selling Aids ribbons to raise funds for a cure to helping local parents get a break by watching their kids for a night as part of the Parents Night Out program sponsored by Lehigh.

Some successful events from the past were repeated as they are favorites of the chapter. The Brotherhood volunteered at the Local Boys and Girls Club and held a food drive. Delta Chi also manned their usual booth at Spooktakular, a Halloween event designed to get the campus involved in creating safe, fun Halloween activities for local kids. This year, the Brotherhood helped kids make cardboard tombstones to decorate their homes with.

Brothers at Spooktacular.
Helping kids make tombstones.

The Service committee also offered some new events this year. Brothers volunteered to help with Special Olympics, raise funds for OxFam, helped the runners at a 15K race, made thank you cards for campus dining service, set up Luminaries for a 9/11 memorial event, and participated in Lehigh’s Feel Good Fridays. One of the bigger events of the semester was Southside Sweep, an event that involved the whole campus in a beautification effort for the local community. Brothers broke into groups and cleaned up a few blocks of the neighborhood around campus. They filled up many trash bags and even cleaned up a playground that fell within their few blocks. Despite the hard work, the Brothers felt rewarded by effort they put into improving the area for its residence, especially the children than now have a glass-free park to play in. Nearly every Brother was able to find something they cared about in this wide range of service efforts and were able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Lighting luminaries for 9/11 Memorial.
Luminaries were placed all around campus.

Parents Weekend

Always keeping busy, Delta Chi planned a third big weekend this semester - this one for the parents. PR Chair Doug Pfeil worked with VP Laura Petrini to plan a weekend perfect for Brothers and their Parents. Since everyone loves a Lehigh football game, the event was centered around tailgates. The brotherhood voted on an invitation, which the PR committee then mailed to every parent. The committee spent the remainder of the months prior to the tailgate securing a location, supplies, and of course, tons of food. Brothers grilled burgers and hot dogs and some parents contributed amazing deserts. The event was a great success, introducing family members to the Brotherhood and to the Lehigh tradition of tailgating.

Fundraising Sees Big Successes

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Suzie Morano, Fundraising was unusually successful this semester. With more events than ever before, they were able to make up for deficiencies in fundraising in past semesters and allowed the chapter to be able to subsidize big events like Semi-Formal. Popular events such as a restaurant night at Sal’s Pizza and collecting printer cartridges brought in only petty cash, but got Brothers excited for the bigger events. As in the past, t-shirts were sold for Lehigh/Lafayette week and were a huge success. Suzie also made a push to get Brothers to help with parking at every home football game, which was a huge moneymaker. Brothers also sold refreshments at the football games and their dedication was rewarding in the end. In addition to the events held, Suzie was able to secure a large donation from campus dining for our work at the concession stands. Brother Ryan Templin also brought in a fundraiser by offering to pay brothers to test a sound system he was helping a company to develop. All in all, the chapter found financial security this semester thanks to some very diligent effort and well planned events.

Delta Chi Celebrates Its 5th Founder's Day

The crowning event of this semester, and pet project of Vice President Laura Petrini, was our first combined Founder’s Day Banquet and Semi-Formal. Laura began pushing and prepping for this event on the first day of the semester. Nearly 60 Brothers were in attendance at the event including Alumni and future National President Jonah Goodman.

Held the day before our Founder’s Day, the event was to celebrate Delta Chi’s fifth year as a chapter marking our transition from a new chapter to a wise, seasoned chapter in the eyes of Nationals. To make this event special, the Eboard worked to bring in some appropriate speakers to motivate, educate and entertain the chapter.

Stella Maher, a member of the Alpha Class and generally regarded as one of the Brothers who made Delta Chi what it is today was asked to make the opening remarks. She reminded the chapter of its humble beginnings and informed them of an amazing coincidence that even none of the planners of the event knew: the Founder’s Day Banquet was held in the exact same room as where the Alpha class was inducted five years prior.

Stella Maher speaking to the Chapter.

Allison Ragon, successful Beta Omicron Alumna and staff member of Lehigh University followed Stella. She gave an entirely entertaining speech about dedication and motivation, hopefully driving the chapter on to bigger and better things.

Allison Ragon speaking to the Chapter.

Following the speeches, awards were given out, both funny and serious, and Jeff Samuels was awarded his Chapter Service Key causing him to be nearly speechless. Serving in many positions including President and currently as an Alumni Advisor, Jeff has helped the chapter in numerous ways both big and small. As a member of the Beta Class, Jeff has been the founder of many important Delta Chi traditions. He was awarded his Service Key at the end of the semester Founder’s Day Banquet and Semi-Formal. Luckily, our new friends at Epsilon Alpha were in attendance for the successful voting of this award. They contacted Delta Chi interested in seeing how we ran business and were able to witness the official vote that made this award possible.

Jeff Samuels giving a speech after receiving the CSK.

Another rare award was given out this semester, but for a very different reason. Michelle Slade, one of the Brothers at Large this semester found that one person kept showing up in the running for her weekly award of Brother of the Week. Many Brothers felt that one individual deserved special recognition for her complete turnaround in involvement this semester. Going from nearly anonymous to elected Historian in one semester, Kristen Gardner was awarded the Most Improved Brother Award and given a special prize by Michelle.

The Executive Board transition ceremony was held hailing in the next group of leaders prepared to bring the Chapter ever forward. The Lambda Class presented their gift and then the real fun began.

All throughout Brothers enjoyed appetizers as well as a Delta Chi birthday cake. They danced the night away shaking off all the stress of the school year by getting their groove on with their fellow brothers. But the night is not over until the fat lady sings, or until the Chapter links arms and sings a rousing rendition of Brother all together. Delta Chi threw itself the perfect fifth birthday party.

Delta Chi's birthday cake.
The night ends with everyone singing Brother.