2008 Delta Chi Chapter History

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Recruitment: Omicrons

Rush began during the second week of the semester with the first three information sessions. At the end of the first Rush session, brothers stayed behind to play some games of Scrabble organized by the Scholarship Chair Cali Roth. The first round of Rush, organized by Rush Advisor Therese Quinn began with Trivia Night. The event challenged the knowledge of both the future Initiates and Brothers. Rush continued with Boo Boo Bunnies, where everyone became creative decorating their bunnies in many different styles. The first round of Rush broke from our traditional ending with Campus Adventure to concluding an Ice Cream social which was a tasty success. Pref Rush began the next week with a Tie-dying event. Brothers and Rushes gather on the Campus Square D’s lawn turning ordinary white shirt into rainbow master pieces. The Pref rush continued with Board Games and Brothers became to know the future Initiates through games like Apples to Apples or Twister. The Pref Rush then ended with a trip to the Boys and Girls’ Club. Overall, Rush was a delightful success.

Volleyball Tournament

The semester started off cosponsoring a Volleyball Tournament with the Men’s and Women’s Club Volleyball and the Class of 2010. This was in due to the great effort of Rush Advisor Therese Quinn and Treasurer Andrew Kump and the proceeds were given to our national philanthropy Teach for America. The event was a great success as a large amount of brothers turned up to help run the event or participate themselves.

Delta Chi Kickball

Delta Chi held its traditional inter-chapter kickball event during the weekend of October 17th. The theme of the weekend was “Super Heroes and Super Villains”. Due to the publicizing effort of ICR Chair Justin Capalbo, Delta Chi experienced the greatest turn out of Brothers—more than sixty Brothers from all different regions and schools came. Some different chapters who participated were Alpha Theta, Gamma Xi and Epsilon Alpha. Black T-Shirts were designed—a Purple and Gold Batman symbol was printed on the front and "Why So Serious" was printed on the back. In addition to kickball, Delta Chi held a costume party, where Brothers dressed as their favorite Super Hero and Super Villain. Some popular costumes included Doug’s “Quailman” and Superman. The weekend was a great success!

Leadership: Ghost Sock Puppets

On Sunday October 25, 2008, Brothers participated with a booth at Lehigh’s Spooktucular. Brothers spent the afternoon making Ghost Sock Puppets with the children of Bethlehem. Service Chair Melissa Berenholz organized and planned the event with Community Service Office. Everyone had a great time!

ICR: Philly Cup

The Weekend of November 7 th , Delta Chi Brothers attended the Philly Cup ICR event hosted by chapters Gamma Xi (Drexel University) and Alpha Lambda (Temple University). Brothers enjoyed playing indoor soccer and meeting fellow brothers.

PR Event: Poker Night

To better our Public Relations, Delta Chi cosponsored a Poker Tournament with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa on November 15 in Johnson Dining Room. All proceeds went to charity. It was a fun night.

Founder's Day

Founder’s Day was the second annual Family Iron Chief organized by the Scholarship Chair Cali Roth. This year, each family was assigned a category—either an appetizer, entrée, or dessert—according to the size of their family. The competition took place in Sayre Lodge. This year, families were creative with food creations such as PSP cupcakes or chocolate covered pretzels.


Delta Chi’s Semi Formal took place on Friday, December 5 at Comfort Suites in South Bethlehem. Thanks to the Fundraising efforts of Rachel Hughes as well as the planning skills of Social Chair Tara Goldberg, the event was the cheapest it’s been in years! There was a great outcome of brothers at the event. There was a small issue though as a few cell phones were claimed to have gone missing and security had to be involved. The night did continue once the matter was cleared up. The event had the traditional Awards presented by the Awards and Scholarship Chair Cali Roth.