33rd Empowered Council

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Left to right: Roberts, Mullen, Hosey, Helm, McFarland, Johnson, DiGuiseppe
National President Steven A. DiGuiseppe, Sigma
National Vice President
(office changed to Senior Vice President in 1990)
Michael E. Mullen, Sigma
National Secretary Joseph E. McFarland, Sigma
National Treasurer
(office changed to Vice President of Finance in 1990)
Robert A. Helm, Sigma
National Counselor
(office changed to Vice President of Chapter Development in 1990)
Jeffrey L. Johnson, Sigma, Alpha Gamma
National Alumni Representative
(office changed to Vice President of Alumni Development in 1990)
Michael L. Hosey, Tau (1989)
Mark D. Pabst, Tau, Alpha Kappa (1990)
National Historian
(office abolished in 1990)
Mary L. Roberts, Rho


Motions from the 33rd Empowered Council

33rd Empowered Council
Preceded By
32nd Empowered Council
Succeeded By
34th Empowered Council