43rd Empowered Council

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43rd Empowered Council. (l to r): Brittany Bodart, Patrick Herron, Lisa Ambrosia Howard, Erik Walschburger, Jonah Goodman, Joshua Marder.
National President Kara Domby, Gamma Theta

Lisa Ambrosia Howard, Beta, Delta Xi
(elected to fill vacancy)

Installed Sept 14, 2005
Senior Vice President Lisa Ambrosia Howard, Beta, Delta Xi
(elected to fill National President vacancy)

James A. Hilty, Gamma Phi
(appointed to fill vacancy)

Installed October 3, 2005
National Secretary Brittany Bodart, Tau
Vice President of Finance Joshua Marder, Alpha Rho
Vice President of Membership Development Patrick Herron, Alpha Epsilon
Vice President of Chapter Development Erik Walschburger, Alpha Lambda
Vice President of Alumni Development Jonah Goodman, Delta Alpha


National Council Objectives (2004-06)


Motions from the 43rd Empowered Council

43rd Empowered Council
Preceded By
42nd Empowered Council
Succeeded By
44th Empowered Council