Aaron Horner

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Aaron Horner
Name Aaron Horner
Chapter Beta Iota
Ohio State University
Date Inducted March 2006
Roll Number ΒΙ 270
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Economics
Birthdate April 7, 1987
Spouse n/a

Aaron Horner (born 7 April 1987) is an alumna member of the Beta Iota Chapter (ΒΙ 270) at The Ohio State University and a current member of MTAC.

Early Life in the Fraternity

Aaron was inducted in March of 2006 as the 270th member of the Beta Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. Aaron dove head first into the organization and quickly became as involved as possible. His first quarter in, he made his first road trip to the Capital Alumni Chapter. Here he met many people involved on the National level and quickly wanted to get involved.

Collegiate years in Beta Iota Chapter (2006-2010)

Aaron has traveled with the Beta Iota Chapter several times. He has traveled to Capital Chapter, Tau Chapter (twice), Grand Chapter Conference, Alpha Phi Chapter (Eastern Michigan University) twice, University of Florida, and the University of Central Florida. Aaron has been extremely involved with the local Chapter. He has served as an officer or committee head since he was inducted except for his first quarter. Aaron has served as Social Chair (2006-2007), Technology Consultant (2007-2008), Alumni Chair (2008-2009), and Parliamentarian (2009-2010). He has also served as the Grand Chapter Delegate for the Beta Iota Chapter (2008) and served as the Grand Chapter alternate for the Beta Iota Chapter (2009 and 2010).


Aaron's Big Brother is Alexandria Kramer, Alumna.

Aaron has one Little Brother:

National Involvement

Aaron attended the 2008 National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee in August of that year. Aaron already loved Phi Sigma Pi, but at Grand Chapter/National Convention he loved it even more. After meeting many people on the national level, Aaron decided he want to become more active nationally. He was appointed to the Constitution and Chapter Standards Committee by Jonah Goodman in order to become more active on the National level.