Alison Cox

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Alison Theresa Cox
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At the train station in Copenhagen, Denmark (2010)
Name Alison Theresa Cox
Chapter Epsilon Xi
East Tennessee State University
Date Inducted December 1, 2008
Roll Number ΕΞ 24
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Mathematics/Statistics
Birthdate February 20, 1976
Awards Brother of Awesome (2010), Brother of the Month 11/10

Alison Cox (born 20 Feb 1976) is an Alumni Member of Epsilon Xi (ΕΞ 24) at [ East Tennessee State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Alpha Initiate Class; Alison - bottom row, 1st from left

Alison transferred to ETSU after attending the College of Southern Maryland. After having a few years under her belt at ETSU she got an email to join Phi Sigma Pi. Intrigued by the idea of a co-ed Honors Fraternity, she decided to rush in 2008 where she learned that Phi Sigma Pi was much more than a bunch of co-eds having keg parties and panty raids. Once she got her bid she served as her initiate class secretary and was inducted into the Chapter with Alpha Initiate Class on December 1, 2008.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi (2008 - 2011)

Positions Held

Events Organized

  • Transfered the entire Epsilon Xi Initiate Program online (Fall 2010)
  • ICR Flat Stanley Project (Spring 2010)
  • Founders Day Formal (Spring 2010)
  • Chapter Wiki Completion (Spring 2010)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner (Fall 2009)

Alumni Years to Present

Alison was accepted into the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program with a concentration of Gender and Diversity Studies at East Tennessee State University. Her thesis looks at the gendered behaviors of women in prison. Alison also held a position on the Alumni Advisory Council of Epsilon Xi in 2011.

National Involvement

Regional Convention 2009; Alison - second from left

Bigs and Littles

Alison's big brother is Megan Singleton who is now an Alumni of Epsilon Xi chapter.

Alison has 2 Little Brothers:

Further Resources

Alison can be reached via email at zatc7[at]goldmail[dot]etsu[dot]edu

Other Interesting Facts

  • Brother Travis Clark created the chapter award of Brother of Awesome and Alison was the first recipient.
  • She had an AWESOME pen-pal named Clifford from a Teach for America school in Arkansas!
  • Alison loves to travel outside of the US and plans on applying for a PhD program in Canada.
  • Has 14 tattoos and 12 piercings.
  • Made Jonah Goodman's day on 4/7/10 by creating her Wiki!
  • Is a Ronald McNair Scholar (Summer 2010)

Professional Affiliations