Allison Hauge

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Allison K. Hauge
Allison is Awesome!
Name Allison K. Hauge
Chapter Beta Kappa
Clemson University
Date Inducted November 16, 2007
Roll Number ΒΚ 528
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Animal and Veterinary Science
Birthdate July 1, 1987
Nicknames Speed, Allie Bob, Allie Kat, Wombat, Tim Foy
Awards Longest mechanical bull ride at 2008 National Convention in Nashville, Peanut #1

Allison Kathleen Rita Hauge (born 1 July 1987 in Tampa, Florida) is an Active Member of Beta Kappa Chapter (ΒΚ 528) at Clemson University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Allison graduated from Lancaster High School in 2005 and came to Clemson because it is in the ACC which is the best conference in the United States and they gave very tempting scholarships. Especially after deciding to become a veterinarian instead of going to medical school, because Clemson is one on the largest agricultural schools in the southeast. Allison rushed and joined Phi Sig after receiving a recruitment email and knowing a few members. This decision was obviously a great one.

Collegiate Years at Beta Kappa Chapter

After initiated, Allison became Finance Committee Chair and planned the Phi Sig Bake Sale in Spring 2008. In Fall 2008, she was elected to be Beta Kappa's Recording Secretary and attended 2008 National Convention as the alternate in Nashville, Tennessee with President Brette Winston and Epsilon Theta's Tom Fay. At this event, she went to the Cadillac Ranch with several other brothers and held the longest mechanical bull ride time of all of them with 27 seconds. At 2009 National Convention, Allison because a member of the Peanut Gallery and gained the nicknames Tim Foy and Wombat. After almost missing 2010 Convention, Allison surprised everyone by appearing at National Headquarters in Lancaster, PA. National Convention 2011 was a bit of a change due to changes in Grand Chapter seating availability. This caused Allison and AY's Bill Arndt to entertain themselves by backflips and bench lifting in the lobby. After graduation, Allison became a member of the United States Air Force. She is currently an Airborne Mission Systems Specialist on the JointSTARS platform at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

James Mathieson is Allison's Big. Cassie Campelli and Alex Solomon are Allison's Littles. Rebecca Taylor is Allison's Grand Little.

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Other Interesting Facts

Allison is an avid *N SYNC and NASCAR fan. She has an awesome beta fish named Raichu that travels to events with her. Sadly Raichu passed away in Spring 2009 at the hands of Henry Hauge.

Notable Quotes

  • "Boy, I could go for some ranch dip and chips right about now"
  • "Tom Fay, does the plane have enough room for all your pluggage?"
  • "No they aren't drunk. They [Allison and Ellen] are always like this" - Bill
  • "Allison don't touch that giant spider!"
  • "If you yell 'Clemson" loud enough, they might hear us and come to Clemson."