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Alpha Chapter (Founded 14 February 1916; Went inactive in 1979; Reactivated 2 December 2000) is located at University of Central Missouri (formerly Central Missouri State University) in Warrensburg, Missouri. The Chapter was founded by Eldo L. Hendricks, Claude A. Phillips, and C.H. McClure, and is a member of the Great Plains Region.

Alpha Chapter, Fall 2019

Chapter History


Alpha Chapter composite

In addition to Dr. Hendricks, Dr. Phillips and Dr. McClure, ten other student members were part of the founding group. They were Alfred Thayer, J. Archie Leach, Roland Grinstead, Ray Parkins, Wade Fowler, Roy Bigelow, Arthur Kresse, John Doak, Harold Patterson and Harry Hill. These ten students were the first undergraduate Brothers of Phi Sigma Pi, Thayer being the first among them. Dr. Hendricks would go on to be known as Alpha 1.

World War I

As the United States mobilizes for war, many of the men on the Warrensburg campus go off to military training camps throughout the country or to the European front. Many of the Warrensburg men become part of a military emergency medical team known as the Ambulance Boys. This group forms a very close relationship and many of its members belong to Phi Sigma Pi and Sigma Tau Gamma. All campus organizations, including Phi Sigma Pi, would struggle with membership until the war ended in 1920. Phi Sigma Pi would only induct a total of 8 men in 1918 and 1919.

Post World War I

In 1920 Alpha Chapter begins the tradition of inviting eligible candidates to join Phi Sigma Pi.


Alpha Chapter went inactive in 1979, during one of the fraternity's most difficult periods. However, thanks to the relentless efforts of the National Council, National Staff, Alpha Chapter Alumni, and interested brothers from other chapters, the chapter was reactivated on December 2, 2000. Gene Seevers played a large part in the reactivation due to his connections with many university administration officials. Thirty-four brothers signed the new roll book that day, under the direction of National President Joshua Marder, and with an emotional audience of Alpha Alumni, National Officers and Staff, and brothers congregated from all over the country. Also in attendance were original chapter members; Gene Seevers, Jerry Voss, Harold Young, Dr. Charles Keseman and Earl Webb. Gene was awarded with a Distinguished Service Key during the reactivation ceremonies.

The Active Chapter


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Executive Board

Alpha's Executive Board is composed of thirteen elected members. These members are elected each fall to serve for the following calendar year. There are nine voting members and four non-voting members, that of the Brothers At Large and Academic Responsibility Coaches.


  • President - Sydney Conley
  • Vice President - Haley Justus
  • Recording Secretary - Sarah Lindsey
  • Corresponding Secretary - Maggie Wallisch
  • Treasurer - Savanna Tuttle
  • Recruitment Advisor - Symaria Fisher
  • Initiate Advisor - Sondra Bellard
  • Historian - Laura Haney
  • Parliamentarian - Shannon McCormick
  • Brother at Large - Brenna Johnson
  • Brother at Large - Emily Ragan
  • Academic Responsibility Coach - Jalayna Miles
  • Academic Responsibility Coach - Nate Robinson

Past Chapter Presidents


Initiate Classes

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Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Founder's Weekend, Spring 2011

Every year, the Alpha Chapter celebrates Founder's Weekend around February 14. As part of our celebration, we decorate the graves of Eldo L. Hendricks, Rolla F. Wood, and C.H. McClure. It is our time to reflect on the brothers who came before us. Some of the activites that we do on Founder's Weekend is a Founders dinner and an activity to get the chapter active.

Spring Rush Week 11

The Spring Rush Week of 2011 was a blast. We had a great turn out of brothers and perspectives at all of the events we were able to have. Warrensburg experienced a snow blizzard that closed the campus down for three days during rush week. The theme of rush was "Hatching a New Breed of Brothers". The Dynamic Duo of Sam's (Hale and Garton)did a great job with rush. On Tuesday, during a regular meeting we voted on the perspectives. On April 17th, at the end of their 8 weeks, we voted in 14 new initiates. Congratulations to the initiates of the Chi class of 2011.

Senior Send-Off

This past semester, Spring 2011 we had 16 graduating seniors. Throughout their time at Alpha Chapter, they have been very active and have helped out with the many Chapter events. In honor of their efforts within in the Chapter, we hold an annual Senior Send-Off. Each semester, we develop a Senior Send-Off video, read Senior wills, and give them each a small token of appreciation from the Chapter. This has been a great year and we wish all of the Seniors the best of luck!

Great Plains Regional Conference

In February of 2012, Alpha Chapter hosted the Great Plains Regional Conference. They hosted the five other chapters in the Great Plains region, and the conference included a tour of campus, a visit to the Founders Graves, Leadership in Action module and facilitator training, and a dance.

Founder's Weekend 2016

To commemorate the Centennial, Alpha Chapter hosted a Founder's Celebration. It included visiting the Founders Graves and exploring the history of Phi Sigma Pi. This event was well attended by Alpha Chapter alumni, including the Charter class from our reactivation.

Notable Alumni

Phi Sigma Pi Founder
Phi Sigma Pi Founder
National Counselor (1930-1931, 1935-1937)
National Vice President (1931-1935)
Phi Sigma Pi Founder
National President (1922-1925)
National Vice President (1922-1925)
National President (1925-1928)
National President (1928-1929)
National Counselor (1929-1930)
National Vice President (1930-1931)
National Historian (1931-1935)
National President (1937-1939)
National Vice President (1939-1946)
National Secretary (1922-1925)
National Secretary (1927-1930)
National Counselor (1931-1935)
National Treasurer (1937-1939)
National Secretary (1930-1936)
National Treasurer (1922-1925)
National Counselor (1925-1928)
National Historian (1948-1953, 1957-1959)
National Historian (1966-1968)
a faculty member at Warrensburg, was invited to deliver the Founder's Day address at Alpha Chapter in 1919 and became one of its first honorary members. He left Warrensburg later in 1919 and became president of the State Normal College in Dillon, Montana. This is now known as the University of Montana - Western. He continued to serve Phi Sigma Pi as the Regional Director of the Western District. Dr. Davis served as president until 1946. Davis Hall is named after him.
founded Gamma Chapter
Dr. Patton was instrumental in reactivating Alpha Chapter. He was inducted on April 28, 2005
Gene was critical to the reactivation of Alpha Chapter.
2007 Todd Tripod Scholarship recipient

Campus Buildings

Seven buildings on campus are named after Brothers. For more information see Buildings Dedicated to Brothers.

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Dr. Dale Bachman, recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

University Awards

  • None to date

Other Awards

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