Alumni Chapters

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Alumni Chapters are one of two types of Alumni Organizations, with the other type being Alumni Associations. Alumni Chapters are similar to Collegiate Chapters in terms of activity and involvement and must meet certain requirements to maintain their classification as a Chapter versus an Association. Alumni Chapters are located in regions that have many alumni living in close proximity. As of November 2012, there are 8 active Alumni Chapters in existence. There are also 7 inactive Alumni Chapters.

List of Alumni Chapters

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In order to remain active, Alumni Chapters are required to hold at least two formal meetings each year, send a delegate to the Grand Chapter Conference, and submit required dues and forms to National Headquarters by the due date.

Naming Convention

Since Alumni Chapters are generally comprised of Alumni Members from many Collegiate Chapters who are living in relatively close geographic proximity, they are not named with Greek letter designations; rather, Alumni Chapters are named for the geographic region in which the Chapter is based.