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Events are held to give Alumni an opportunity to reconnect with the Chapter. Although an undergraduate event can coincide with an Alumni event, the most successful events are those where the Alumni are the main focus. Remember the Chapter can socialize any weekend, but for Alumni it may be the first time in years they are back at their Chapter.

Alumni Weekend

Alpha Rho Chapter

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Tips for planning an event

  • The event must have a purpose for Alumni to attend. If there is not an organized program most Alumni will not attend.
  • Attendance increases when alumni know other Alumni at the event. If the chapter has a website, post a list of Alumni who've agreed to attend. See: Online Invitations
  • Alumni are more likely to respond when contacted by a peer. Have Alumni do the inviting. See: Alumni Spokesperson
  • Promote the event early! Many events fail because Alumni were not notified in time to make plans to attend. Give four to six months notice for large scale events (Founder's Day, Homecoming, etc.). For smaller events, chapters should notify Alumni six weeks in advance.
  • Make the event enjoyable for ALL Alumni! Try not to focus on younger Alumni- even though it's easy to do. When planning functions, incorporate activities that will make all Alumni feel comfortable. See: Timely Invitations
  • Try to avoid Friday nights. Many people don't leave work until early evening, and if Alumni have to travel a great distance, it makes it difficult for them to attend.
  • Spouses/Significant others: Open up your events to non-brothers to encourage Alumni participation. If your events are open to non-Brothers, make sure you let your Alumni know, and always include it in your communications.

Advanced tips for planning an event

  • If the chapter has the resources and volunteers setting up a babysitting service and/or activities to entertain children at an event location, could provide Alumni a setting that would allow them to have more time to participate in an event and interact with the chapter. Also be aware of the timing of the event if you have Alumni with children attending. Events running late into the evening probably will not be well attended by Alumni who are bringing children. Promote the babysitting service in your communications and ask them to RSVP if they want to use the service.
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