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| image        =
| image        =
| caption      =
| caption      =
| name          = Andrea Racine
| name          = Andrea
| chapter      = Gamma Upsilon
| chapter      = Gamma Upsilon
| school        = University of Kentucky
| school        =  
| inducted      = Spring 2009
| inducted      =  
| rollnumber    = ΓΥ 301
| rollnumber    = ΓΥ 301
| alumnichapter = Seattle Metro Area Alumni Association (SMAAA)
| alumnichapter =  
| honorarychapter =  
| honorarychapter =  
| birth_date    = October 15, 1987
| birth_date    =  
| major        = Early Elementary Education
| major        =  
| minor        = International Studies
| minor        =  
| nicknames    = Andi
| nicknames    =
| awards        =  
| awards        =  
'''Andrea Racine''' (born 15 October [[1987]]) is a brother of [[Gamma Upsilon Chapter]] (Psi Class Spring 2009) at the [http://www.uky.edu University of Kentucky]. Thus far she has been the Vice President of her initiate class. She served as the National Delegate, Service Chair, Alumni Development Chair, a Giddy Up Director and is a member of the Awards & Scholarship, Service, and Social Committee in the 2009-2010 academic year. In 2015-2016 Andrea was a member of the Capital Alumni Chapter in Washington DC. She currently is a founding member of the [[Seattle Metro Area Alumni Association]] (SMAAA).
== Early Fraternity Life and Career ==
Andrea pledged as a Junior in the spring of 2009 under the initiate advisor [[Morgan Lykins]]. One day when taking a break from hours of lesson plan writing she checked her mail to find a mysterious letter that would quickly change her life. After being told to do it by her mom and many, many emails back and forth with, then, President [[Jimmy Buscher]], and surviving the deathly ice storms of January 2009 she met the brothers and knew it was the place for her. During her initiation semester she worked hard to get to know all of the brothers and initiates as she was late to rush. To aid her in her mission to know everyone she was nominated and voted Vice President of her initiate class. She also served, post-induction, on the Awards & Scholarship, Service and Social committee.
== Collegiate Years at Gamma Upsilon Chapter ==
Andrea came to Gamma Upsilon as late in the game as is allowed by the [[National Constitution]]. (more to come...)
== National Involvement ==
During summer 2009, Andrea had the opportunity to meet and get to know brothers from across the country. During her May month in Lexington before leaving for the summer she had the opportunity to become acquainted with University of Colorado at Boulder brother [[Colleen Barnes]]. When June came she went home to Virginia where she was welcomed by the brother of [[Alpha Omicron Chapter]] at the [[University of Virginia]]. At the end of the summer she attended the [[2009 National Convention]] as the [[Gamma Upsilon Chapter]] National Delegate.
== Bigs and Littles ==
Coming in late (post-initiation) many of the brothers already had a little, all except [[Jess Wade]]. Andrea is Jess' sixth little during Jess' six-semester active brother reign. Jess was there every step of the way, filling her in on everything she needed to know, and still letting Andrea form her own opinions about the group.
Andrea has one little, [[Lainey Harris]].
== Academic Degrees ==
*Western Albemarle High School, class of 2006, Advanced High School Diploma.
*University of Kentucky, class of 2010, B.A. in Early Elementary Education, minor in International Studies.
== Further Resources ==
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== Other Interesting Facts ==
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Name Andrea
Chapter Gamma Upsilon
Date Inducted
Roll Number ΓΥ 301
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member