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{{Infobox Brother
{{Infobox Brother
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| caption      = Recruitment Advisor<br>LiA Facilitator<br/>
| caption      = Alumnus<br>LiA Facilitator<br/>
| name          = [[Andrew Napieraj]]  
| name          = [[Andrew Napieraj]]  

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Andrew Napieraj
LiA Facilitator
Name Andrew Napieraj
Chapter Delta Kappa
University of North Texas
Date Inducted April 17, 2016
Roll Number ΔΚ ###
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Electrical Engineering
Birthdate 10 Oct 1994
Nicknames Andrew
Awards Leadership in Action

Andrew Napieraj (born 06 Oct 1994) is a Collegiate Member of the Delta Kappa Chapter at the University of North Texas.

Initiate Semester

Andrew Napieraj enrolled at the University of North Texas August 24, 2015. He received hi bid to join The Delta Kappa Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity on February 27, 2016. Since joining the Delta Kappa Chapter, he has served on the executive board for the Alpha Theta Class as the treasurer along with David Oostenbrug, Manny Brion, and Alejandra Gonzalez. Additionally, he has held two committee chair positions, and one executive board position.

Active Semesters at the Delta Kappa Chapter

Andrew has held the following positions for the corresponding semesters:
Fundraising Chair - Fall 2016
Social Chair - Spring 2017
Recruitment Advisor - Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

Fundraising Chair

Appointed By: Manuel Delacruz-Pena


Events Planned

The Fundraising Committee was able to host four separate events, Donation Collection Week, Trivia Night, Holiday Cocoa Stand, and Phis Sigma Pi Sweatshirt Sales, over the course of the Fall Semester. Donation Collection Week, was a one week donation drive, in which brothers went to various local businesses, and requested any form of donation, usually a gift card. Using the gift cards we collected we hosted a Trivia Night, which was open to all UNT students. Trivia consisted of six rounds of questions in various categories, such as Sports, History, and Disney. The winner of each round received a gift card as a prize. In the month of October the committee hosted two events, one of which was a sweatshirt drive, and the other event was another campus event in which we made hot chocolate for students on campus.

Social Chair

Appointed By: Manuel Delacruz-Pena


Events Planned

The Social Committee organized two intramural teams, one for Basketball and one for flag football. A common event held was movie night, which was held at another Brother's apartment complex, which had a movie theater. The last event Andrew had planned was escape the Room, which was held at a location in Lewisville, TX, where the theme was Fallout, which required the brothers had to escape the room to "repair the oxygen tanks". the Brother's who attended the Escape the Room event were successful in solving the puzzles to get out of the room.

Recruitment Advisor

Voted in by Chapter during the Spring 2017 election cycle


Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Events Planned

Fall 2017
Spring 2018

National Involvement

Grand Chapter


Co-Big(s): Wyatt Braden, Touri Lewis, and Jay Bishop

Big(s): Jon Rains and Amin Rosado

Twin(s): Lizette Tostado

Little(s): Collin Jones, Michael Joiner, Christina Bayard, Oscar Lopez, and Jenil Rana

Social Media & Articles

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