Anu Chettedathu

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Anu Chettedathu
Name Anu Chettedathu
Chapter Epsilon Xi
Date Inducted April 27, 2009
Roll Number ΕΞ 44
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Chemistry
Birthdate January 2, 1988
Nicknames Nunu

Anu Chettedathu (born 02 January 1988) is an Active Member of Epsilon Xi (ΕΞ 44) at East Tennessee State University].

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Beta Initiate Class; Anu - 4th from left

Anu wanted to join when the chapter first started, but had other financial obligations. Later, when she did join she was really interested because her best friend, Ruru Ewubare was a Brother and Anu wanted to be her Little. Now, she loves being a part of the fraternity and all of her wonderful Brothers!

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi Chapter

Positions Held

  • Service Chair - Fall 2009

Events Organized

  • Beta Class game night at the VA (Spring 2009)
  • Dawn of Hope (Fall 2009)
  • First Founder's Day Formal (Spring 2010)

Bigs and Littles

Anu's Big Brother is Ruru Ewubare, who is currently a senior at ETSU majoring in economics with a minor in finance.

Further Resources

Anu can be reached via email at:

Other Interesting Facts

Anu happens to be the only South Indian from Kerala that goes to ETSU and possibly the only Christian Indian on Campus.