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Beta Lambda
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Chapter Name
Beta Lambda
American University
Date Chartered
25 April 2011
Chapter Colors
Active Brothers

Beta Lambda Chapter (Founded 23 February 1994) is located at American University in Washington, DC. The Chapter was founded by Rho Chapter alumnus Derek Simmons. It went inactive in 1995, and was reactivated on April 25, 2011.

Chapter History


The Beta Lambda Chapter was founded 23 February 1994. It went inactive in 1995.

Beta Lambda receiving their charter at the 2011 National Convention.

The Reactivated Chapter

Sixty Brothers were inducted as part of the colony charter class in 2011.

Chapter Presidents

Number Name Class Term
1 Margo Kearns Alpha 2011-2012
2 Kathleen McCoy Alpha 2012-2013
3 Erin Oxnard Alpha 2013-2014
4 Emma Peterson1 Delta 2014-2015
[1] Current President
[2] President Elect (elections 2015-04-12)

The Families of Beta Lambda

The Active Chapter

Chapter Mascot

The unofficial mascot of Beta Lambda is a Lamb.

Executive Board

see also: List of Beta Lambda Chapter Executive Boards
The Executive Board is made up of nine elected members. The Recruitment Advisor and the Brother-at-Large are non-voting members.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of the chairs of the eleven standing committees, the chairs of the select committees, if there are any, and the Vice President. The Vice President serves as chair of the Executive Council.

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Beta Lambda Chapter Initiate Classes

The Eta Class is the most recent initiate class to be inducted.

Chapter Events & Activities

Chapter Birthday

Beta Lambda celebrates the anniversary of its reactivation. The celebration is usually low-key and traditionally involves cake.

Senior Sendoff

Notable Alumni

Chapter Founder
Vice President of Membership Development (1994-1995)

Honorary Members

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Further Resources