BombShell Family

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The BombShell Family is part of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at the University of South Florida.

Number: 18
Animal: Turtle
Family Rule: Rule 32//Go Big or Go Home
Family Pet: Mr. Turtle
Family Colors: Pink and Blue

Family Tree

The Bombshell family tree can be found here!


In Fall 2012, Joshua Lieberman and Taylor Randolph decided to secede their line from Outburst to create a new family. They felt that the Outburst Family had grown large enough to be divided and their large line would work well as an independent family. Because their Big, Candice Thacker, was no longer a Brother, it was an easy place at which to mark the split. On September 16th, 2012, the entire family met at TGI Friday's, where they hold their traditional family paddle exchange dinner, to choose a name. They chose BombShell to reflect their explosive personalities and love of turtles. The founding group consisted of Taylor Randolph, Joshua Lieberman, Mike Fischer, Cameron Durlacher, Andrea Greene, Taylie Shaw, Jamie Lewis, Valerie Rojas, Nate Minigh, & Mallorie Hardesty. After deciding to create a new family they decided that they needed a mascot. Together they all purchased Mr. Turtle who was so fittingly named by Mike Fischer. They all take turns each week caring for Mr. Turtle.

BombShell Family, Spring 2013


The Mens BombShell Jersey is black with gold cuffs. The letters are royal blue for the foreground and an old gold background.
The Ladies Bombshell Jersey is black with hot pink cuffs. The letters are royal blue for the foreground, hot pink satin stitch, an old gold background, and white stitching across the chest with either their name, and alternate nickname, or a word describing the lady, in script.
Both Jersey's have in white letters, on the right sleeve:
ΕΔ (2 in.)
Roll number (2 in.)
Class (script)

Left sleeve:
BombShell Turtle (image)
BombShell (script)
They also contain the official nickname on the back. The ladies Jersey's are outlined in hot pink thread.

Men's BombShell Jersey
Ladies Bombshell Jersey