Brianna Mauk

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Brianna Mauk
Brianna Mauk.jpg
Name Brianna Mauk
Chapter Epsilon Eta
Eastern Kentucky
Date Inducted April 6th, 2008
Roll Number ΕΗ 36
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major English, with an ephasis in Technical Writing
Birthdate June 15
Nicknames Brie

Brianna Mauk (born 15 June) is an Active Member of Epsilon Eta Chapter (ΕΗ 36) at Eastern Kentucky University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Brianna was first attracted to Eastern because of its beautiful campus, but their Education and English departments were also reknown across the country. Eastern Kentucky University's friendly and inviting atmosphere was the ultimate reason she chose the school over Morehead, UK, or Northern. She discovered Phi Sigma Pi on her way back from a night class, and the Brothers having fun at Rush encouraged her to find out more about them. It turned out that their strong emphasis on both academics and fellowship (much like Eastern's college campus) was the perfect atmosphere for her.

Besides Phi Sigma Pi, Brianna has been a member of the EKU Marching Colonels for two years (playing trumpet). She writes a few articles a year for Eastern's Yearbook (The Milestone) and has plans with her advisor to start a Technical Writing fraternity chapter on campus.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Eta Chapter

Brianna is currently serving as the Chapter President, since Spring 2009. She is thrilled to be leading Epsilon Eta in many new projects this semester, including a 5K Memorial 'Run to Remember.' (keep checking back for updates!)

Before she was Chapter President, Brianna served as Service Chair. In this position, she and her committee planned numerous events: a Halloween Carnival for the children of non-traditional students, a Salvation Army stocking drive, and the FreeRice campaign, to name a few.

Most recently, Brianna was voted by Epsilon Eta as the alternate for the 2009 National Convention (and her Big was the Delegate!) This was her first convention, which she describes as 'absolutely amazing.' The new ideas and support for her Chapter has made a very positive difference in Epsilon Eta's 'New Direction.'

National Involvement

Members of Epsilon Eta at National Convention 2009

Bigs and Littles

Brianna's big is Miranda Westbrook. From the first night of Informationals during Brianna's Initiate semester, she and Miranda developed a very special bond. The two conversed about any questions Brianna had at any time (even though the Chapter currently did not have a 'Rush Buddies' system). Since Miranda and Brianna had such close contact, Brianna was thrilled to find that Miranda was her Big. Miranda has continued to mentor Brianna througout her various positions in the Chapter, and has always been available for advice and encouragement. Even though she has graduated, hopefully Miranda will be back at EKU often!

Brianna's family, the Carver family, after Spring 2009 induction

Brianna's little is Steven Crown. Steven rushed during the Spring 2009 semester. The two have much in common; for example, as Brianna is the President of Phi Sigma Pi, Steven is the President of Lamda Alpha Epsilon (a criminal justice fraternity on Eastern's campus). The Chapter members like to joke about the height difference between the two ;)

Further Resources

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Other Interesting Facts

If you are ever around the Epsilon Eta Chapter and hear the song "Cyclone" come on, get ready for an amazing dance.