Brother (Fraternity Song)

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Brother is an officially adopted Fraternity Song written by Alpha Rho Chapter Alumnus Ted Daniels in 1996. The song was adopted by the 2001 Grand Chapter as representing the finest ideals of the National Fraternity. Brother along with the previously adopted song Brothers Are We, was recorded in 2002 and is now available on CD from the National Office. The following are credited on the 2002 re-recording;


The media player is loading... It wasn't long ago that I was all alone
I never had anyone, anyone to call my own
I knew where I was going, but I never had a clue
What my life would really be until I found you

You pulled me from the loneliness, you made me feel at home
You taught me about brotherhood, now I know I'll never roam
We started out as strangers, but now we're more than friends
We've become a family that I know will never end

You're my brother, you have always been there
You're my brother, in my time of need
You're my brother, I would follow you any where
You're my brother, no matter where life leads

You've always stood beside me, every step of the way
We do that for each other, yeah, we do that day by day
If we stand together, united as one
We can do anything that we need to get done


I put my life in your hands, I've laid it on the line
I know you will never let me down
And I will come running if ever you should call
Even though I may not always be around


You're my brother, for a lifetime guaranteed

Words and Music by Ted Daniels AP
© 1996 Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

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