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Central Florida Alumni Chapter (Founded 18 June 2011) is an alumni chapter centered in the Orlando, Florida area. The chapter was founded by Josh Lazar as a reactivation of the Central Florida Alumni Association.


Chapter History

Founding and Roll Numbers

The first 13 roll numbers listed are the Charter members of CFAC per their petition to National Council.

Former Executive Board Members

Former Grand Chapter Delegates

Chapter Events and Activites

The chapter holds multiple events each month, and each month an active brother chooses the events for that month. This allows the CFAC to hold between 12-20 events a year for its members. Some notable events are listed below

First Sunday Brunch

Each Sunday, the CFAC gets together to brunch, bond, and sometimes hold a business meeting. Food, friends, and fun are usually the order of the day.

Annual Cookie Party

Each year, the CFAC holds an end of the year Cookie Party which is both a celebration of dessert and brotherhood, and an introduction to newly inducted local alumni to an Alumni Chapter event.


The Active Chapter

Current Executive Board

Active membership

Notable Alumni


The CFAC uses Facebook to coordinate activities and communication. Central Florida Alumni Chapter Website

CFAC Event Photos

Cookieparty11.jpgAlumniconvention.jpgBowling.jpgChocolatemaking.jpg Originalcrew.jpgBowling2.jpgRacingevent.jpgFunevents.jpg Volunteering.jpgHolidayputtputt.jpg