Chapter Crisis Management Plan

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A Chapter Crisis Management Plan helps provide a plan of action in case your Chapter is ever faced with an emergency. Often times in the face of an emergency, things may be happening quickly, making it hard to gain control of the situation. If your Chapter is faced with such a situation. It's important to keep the following steps in mind:

  • Remain calm in an emergency situation
  • Identify the problem/emergency
  • Assess the situation
  • Decide the plan of action
  • Execute the plan of action.

Plan of Action

  • Call all necessary service and/or emergency personnel required (police, fire, ambulance, campus security, etc.)
  • Call 9-1-1 or the local emergency telephone number
    • Police Department:
    • Ambulance:
    • Fire Department:
    • Campus Police/Security:
  • End the event and secure the area. Do not allow anyone to enter the premise except emergency personnel
  • Appoint someone to manage those in attendance
    • All brothers and/or guests should be kept in one area. If the area is unsafe, identify a relocation area and move everyone together to the new location.
    • Check the list of all people in attendance of the event
    • Write down names and contact information of any witnesses
    • After witness list is complete, ask all guests to vacate the premises
    • Keep the area open only to emergency officials
  • Call your Chapter President, if he or she is not present. In the case of a large scale emergency, phone and/or email services may be unavailable. If cell towers are too overtaxed to get a call through, attempt to contact via text message or a land line. If your President is unreachable, contact the next in line of command for your chapter, starting with your Vice President and working your way down your Executive Board.
    • Chapter President Name:
    • Chapter President Home Telephone Number:
    • Chapter President Cell Phone Number:
    • Chapter President Email:
    • Chapter President Address:
  • Call your Phi Sigma Pi Chapter Advisor(s). Calmly and carefully explain the situation
    • Chapter Faculty Advisor Name:
    • Chapter Faculty Advisor Office Telephone Number:
    • Chapter Faculty Advisor Home Telephone Number:
    • Chapter Faculty Advisor Office Location:
    • Chapter Alumni Advisor Name:
    • Chapter Alumni Advisor Home Telephone Number:
    • Chapter Alumni Advisor Cellphone Number:
  • Call the National Headquarters to report the incident as soon as possible. If the office is closed, leave a message and you will be contacted once the office reopens. Either the Director of Member Services or your Region Consultant will advise you on the incident but you can report the incident to any available National Staff member.
    • National Headquarters Telephone Number: (800) 366-1916
    • Region Consultant:
    • Director of Member Services:
  • Only speak to emergency personnel, your chapter advisors, campus officials, National Staff or National Council members. Do not speak to the media. Depending on the situation, the news media may arrive and ask questions. Assume everything you say will appear in print, therefore think before you speak. If you must make a statement to the media, contact a National Staff member to review your statement before you speak to the media. Also, try to coordinate your statement with the campus relations office or spokesperson.
  • Complete an incident report after the emergency situation has been handled. The incident report will be helpful in working with campus officials and National Staff.

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