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=Effective Meetings=
=Effective Meetings=
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[http://www.phisigmapi.org/newsletter/chapman8.html| Staying in Good Standing]<br>
[http://www.phisigmapi.org/newsletter/chapman8.html| Staying in Good Standing]<br>
[http://www.phisigmapi.org/newsletter/chapman7.html| Using Robert's Rules]
[http://www.phisigmapi.org/newsletter/chapman7.html| Using Robert's Rules]
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Effective Meetings


Dealing with Apathy



Avoiding Over Programming
Balancing the Tripod
Having Effective Committees
Honoring Subrosa
Knowing & Showing Pride
Setting up Trial Boards
Stamping out Apathy
Staying in Good Standing
Using Robert's Rules


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