Charlie Chen

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Charlie Chen
"Pimpmasta Chen"
Name Charlie Chen
Chapter Zeta Alpha
University of California, San Diego
Date Inducted 3 April, 2011
Roll Number ZA 46
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Political Science and Economics
Nicknames Prince Charles
Awards Most Dedicate Brother (2013), Most Active Brother (2014)

Charlie Chen is an Active Brother of Zeta Alpha Chapter (ZA 46) at University of California, San Diego.

Fraternity Life and Collegiate Career

Charlie joined the Zeta Alpha Chapter in Fall 2011 recruitment drive as the Epsilon Class President. Although starting his membership with one of the lowest Chapter attendance and participation in his first two quarters, Charlie eventually joined the Chapter's Executive Board after the sitting Historian resigned at the end of Spring 2012. Although having served only 2/3s of whole term, Historian Charlie set high standards for the position by modernising the Chapter archives with both electronic and physical storage, drastically increasing photos and media presence, and creating the Chapter's first composite and graduation video. While as Historian, Charlie held chairmanship in both Fund-raising Committee and the Service Committee, slowly laying the framework for successful school relations for service, and revenue-earning events for fundraising after his Chairmanship terms ended. For his extraordinary rise in commitment of both leadership and time to the Fraternity, in addition to volunteering for the National Delegate position, the Chapter awarded Charlie the Most Dedicated Brother Award in 2013.

In the following year as the Parliamentarian, Charlie pushed the Chapter towards more fluid and responsive operations through governing documents amendments, lobbied for more professionalism in Brother etiquette and punctuality during meetings and events, streamlined the emergency contact forms and Chapter risk management, and revamped the anonymous feedback system. For his remarkable dedication to Chapter events and record-breaking event attendance percentage, the Chapter bestowed the Most Active Brother Award to Charlie in 2014.

As the Chapter President in his last collegiate year, Charlie passionately guided the Chapter through rough membership and Chapter morale challenges by implementing innovative and technological methods to improve the efficiency of meetings; by organising a long-term plan to induce heavy fraternal discussions to fix internal communication; by advocating individual Brothers and Officers to introduce personal initiatives (such as his own Phi Sigma Pi Scholarship proposal for graduating high school seniors in San Diego); by consolidating all Chapter position transition programs both electronically and physically; and by heavily fostering stronger interactions between the Active Chapter and the Initiates during active Initiation Programs.

In Winter 2015 the last quarter of his term, the Chapter experienced the "Great Flight" of resignations and inactivities, consequently de jure forcing Charlie for nearly the entire quarter to hold simultaneously and temporarily 10 positions (as listed below in addition to ICR/Regional Delegate, National Delegate, PFC Delegate). Despite the seemingly impossible time and responsibility commitment associated with executing all duties of 10 Chapter positions, President Charlie successfully kept the Chapter intact with high Chapter morale while weathering an unsuccessful Winter membership drive and planning numerous emergency and urgent Chapter meetings on priority fraternal issues. His leadership during his Presidency geared the Chapter towards winning the 2015 Steven A. DiGuiseppe Excellence in Administration Award at the 2015 National Convention.

In his last two collegiate years, Charlie was recognised for actively advocating for increase events and dynamic relation with other regional Chapters as both the Regional Delegate and the National Delegate. Furthermore, in his role as PFC Delegate, Charlie actively campaigned for more inter-fraternity professional and social events, especially with Alpha Phi Omega.

Alumni Life

Since his graduation, Charlie has been elected as an Alumni Advisor to Zeta Alpha Chapter.

Collegiate Years (2011 - 2015)

  • Executive Board
    • Historian (Fall 2012 - Winter 2013)
    • Parliamentarian (Spring 2013 - Winter 2014)
    • President (Initiation Winter 2011, Spring 2014 - Winter 2015)
  • Chapter Committees
    • Fund-raising Committee Chair (Winter 2012)
    • Service Committee Chair (Fall 2012 - Winter 2013)
    • Judicial Committee Chair (Spring 2013 - Winter 2014)
    • Inter-Chapter Relations Committee Chair (Winter 2015 - Spring 2015)
  • Temporary positions due to vacancies in Winter 2015
    • Vice President
    • Registrar
    • Epistolarian
    • Recruitment Advisor
    • Initiate Advisor
    • Historian
    • Brotherhood Development Chair
  • Professional Fraternity Council
    • Fraternity Delegate (Spring 2014 - Winter 2015)
  • Chapter Awards
    • Most Dedicated Brother (2013)
    • Most Active Brother (2014)
    • Brother of the Year (2015)
    • Chapter Service Key (2015)

Alumni Years to Present

  • Alumni Advisor to Zeta Alpha (2015 - Present)

Regional Conferences

  • 2013 Pacific Coast Regional Conference at Zeta Lambda
  • 2015 Pacific Coast Regional Conference at Zeta Epsilon

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Charlie is an Epsilon Class member of the Sprits Line of the POW Family.

Charlie has one Big Brother:

Charlie has two Little Brothers:

Other Interesting Facts

  • Charlie is a founding member of bringing Caliswag to National Convention.