Chris Costantino

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Chris Costantino
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Name Chris Costantino
Chapter Gamma Xi
Drexel University
Date Inducted December 8, 2006
Roll Number ΓΞ 237
Alumni Chapter/Assoc National Alumni Association
Honorary Member
Major Information Science and Technology

Chris Costantino is an Alumnus of the Gamma Xi Chapter at Drexel University. In 2010, he was elected to the 48th Empowered National Council as Senior Vice President for a period of two years.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

During his early College years, Chris focused mainly on his career, commuting to school only two days a week, and staying relatively uninvolved in university activities, due to an intense work schedule. When he became a senior, he moved onto campus and started looking for ways to get involved. Hearing about Phi sigma Pi from the local Chapter's PR efforts, he decided to investigate the organization. After the first Rush Info night, he was hooked, and Rushed in the Fall of '06. Receiving a bid, and completing all Initiation requirements, he was later inducted in December of '06 as part of the Tau class.

National Involvement

Regional Conferences

Alumni Advisor

Bigs and Littles

Chris' Big Brother is Regina Ray, who is a fellow Alumnus.

Chris has 1 Little Brother:

Academic Degrees

  • Drexel University Class of 2007, Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology
Senior Vice President
Preceded By
Matthew Nicoletta - Beta Kappa
Succeeded By
Erik Walschburger