Chris Storath

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Chris Storath
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Name Chris Storath
Chapter Beta Phi
Western Kentucky University
Date Inducted Spring 2011
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Birthdate January 10, 1992

Chris A Storath, born on January 10th, 1992 in Fort Myers, Florida, is an active collegiate member of the Beta Phi Chapter at Western Kentucky University. Currently serving as the chapter parliamentarian, he ensures that all business meetings are running as smoothly as possible and in accordance with national and chapter bylaws. He has been an active member of Phi Sigma Pi since his induction into the brotherhood in Spring 2011.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Chris Storath decided to attend Western Kentucky University beginning in Fall 2010. He is a history and social studies double major at WKU with a concentration in teacher education. With hopes of becoming a high school social studies teacher and a cross country coach, Chris is enrolled in the secondary education program at WKU where he will be student teaching in Spring 2014. His passion for history has helped him to excel within his major and he has a particular interest in Holocaust studies.

In addition to history, Chris has a deep passion for running. During his high school career, he was awarded his varsity letter during his sophomore year and was able to remain on the Hendersonville High School varsity cross country team throughout the rest of high school. Training daily, Chris has a particular interest in long distance running and hopes to one day be able to coach high school cross country.

In Spring 2011, Chris decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. He was inducted into the brotherhood in April 2011. During his initiate semester, Chris was elected the initiate class president, where he was in charge of coordinating several events required by the constitution of the national fraternity. During his first active semester as a brother in Fall 2011, Chris was elected the Initiate Advisor for Beta Phi chapter where he was able to restructure the initiate program to better suit the individuality of the chapter. In Spring 2013, Chris was elected to the office of Parliamentarian where he currently serves.

Collegiate Years at Beta Phi Chapter

Beginning in Fall 2011, Chris served as the Initiate Advisor for Beta Phi Chapter where he was able to restructure the initiate program into a more stable and trustworthy period. The program became more adhering to the individuality of Beta Phi chapter by requiring initiates to integrate themselves into the brotherhood in such a way that they were able to understand how business meetings were run and some of the events that were planned by the active brothers themselves. The initiate checklist that was integrated into the program included a list of requirements that initiates were required to complete prior to the final voting process by the brothers. These requirements were created in accordance with the national constitution of the fraternity and with mindset of producing fully-qualified new brothers. The initiate program became a great success within the chapter and allowed the active brothers to become relatable and recognizable to the initiates.

During the Spring 2013 semester, Chris was elected Parliamentarian of Beta Phi chapter, which he continues to serve as today. Having experienced such events as Grand Chapter meetings and national convention, Chris was able to bring back knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order back to the Beta Phi business meetings and introduce new concepts to the chapter to help the meetings run more efficiently.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Chris Storath's Big Brother is Jerry Cowart III, who is currently an inactive brother of Beta Phi chapter.

Chris Storath has 1 Little Brother:

  • Jeremiah Prince

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