Christina Bober

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Christina Bober
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Name Christina Bober
Chapter Beta Iota
Ohio State University
Date Inducted Spring 2008
Roll Number 362
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major History
Birthdate July 11, 1989
Nicknames Xtina

Christina M. Bober (born 07/11/1989) is an Alumni Member of the Beta Iota Chapter (Alpha Zeta class - #362) at The Ohio State University . She graduated on June 12, 2011 with a BA in History and currently lives near Green, OH.

Early Life

Christina was born in Columbus, OH at the Ohio State University Medical Center to parents, John and Nikki Bober. After only two years in Ohio, Christina's family moved to Kansas for her father's work, living shortly in Halstead before moving to Wichita. She lived in Wichita for 15 years, graduating from Wichita Southeast High School . Christina decided to attend Ohio State because her mother's family primarily lived in Ohio. Her family took trips to Ohio once a year to visit and she grew comfortable with the area. Coincidentally, Christina's father received a job offer in Akron, OH around the same time so the whole family moved to Ohio in the Fall of 2007.

Collegiate Years at Ohio State University

Christina began attending Ohio State in the Fall of 2007. She heard about Phi Sigma Pi through a recruitment email and attended informational meetings and recruitment events beginning the end of March 2008. Christina entered the Initiation Program in the Alpha Zeta class and was inducted late May/early June 2008.

Christina was very involved her first year and in the Spring election of 2009, ran with Emily Horne for Co-Rush Chairs and won. The 2009-2010 school year was quite busy for Christina and Emily when they brought in rush classes numbering close to 100.

Christina was elected president of the Beta Iota Chapter for the 2010-2011 school year.

Alumni Years to Present

Christina graduated cum laude and with honors in the arts and sciences from Ohio State University with a BA in History on June 12, 2011. She will begin graduate school in January 2012 at Kent State University, studying Library and Information Science, specializing in Museum Studies. After graduating in 2013, Christina hopes to work as an archivist or exhibit curator.

National Involvement

  • Grand Chapter Delegate for Beta Iota in 2010
  • Grand Chapter Alternate for Beta Iota in 2011

Bigs and Littles

Christina's Big is Becca Visgaitis, who is now studying Law at Columbia University in New York City.

Christina has 3 Littles:

Christina also has 3 Grand-littles:

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Some of Christina's interests lie in Film and Creative Writing. In high school, two of her poems were published, one in a national anthology and one in a local anthology. Christina has also written one short film screenplay, which she hopes to edit and enter into a film festival in the future. In the summer of 2010, she interned on the set of Corbin Bernsen's film 25 Hill which was filmed and will premiere in Akron, OH. In January of 2011, Christina auditioned for the lead role in an independent film, Redeeming Elizabeth, and was called back for a second audition, but ultimately did not receive the role.