Christine Vazquez

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Christine Vazquez
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Seeing Double!
Name Christine Vazquez
Chapter Epsilon Delta
University of South Florida
Date Inducted November 8, 2006
Roll Number ΕΔ179
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Central Florida Alumni Chapter
Honorary Member
Major Organizational Communication
Birthdate 2/26/1987
Nicknames Piglet
Awards The Unsung Brother Award 2008, The Most Dedicated Brother Award 2009, Ms. Phi Sigma Pi 2010, Certified in Leadership in Action 2012, Leadership Advancement Society 2013

Christine Vazquez is an Alumnus Member of Epsilon Delta (Roll Book #179) at University of South Florida and an Active Member of Central Florida Alumni Chapter

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Christine Vazquez attended the University of South Florida in love with the dance department. After her first year, she decided that she needed to make more friends and get involved in an organization. Her mom received a letter in the mail from Phi Sigma Pi. Christine was very skeptical at first because it was a "fraternity". She decided she would give it a shot anyways. She attended one of the information nights and asked her soon to be Big tons of questions, she was hooked. Everyone there was extremely nice and helpful, so she rushed as a member of the Eta Class (Η)! From then on, a new Christine was born!

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Delta

Christine is extremely active in her chapter. The semester she became a Brother, she immediately was put into a leadership position. Christine has held: Fundraising Chair, Alumni/ ICR Chair, Regional Committee Delegate, Historian and soon to be President. She has attended GET SLAM'D two years in a row, has actively participated in Relay for Life every year, helped organized Parents' Weekend the first time and continuing, first created this bio of Epsilon Delta, helped plan the first Gasparilla (Epsilon Delta's ICR event) and 2009's Regional Conference, represented Phi Sigma Pi for Central Parking System our fundraising events.

The last year she served as President. That year the Chapter won two Purple and Gold Awards at National Convention. She continued The Epsilon Delta's High School Scholarship including actually showing up to the High School and presenting the check in person. Christine has pushed for an annual memorial service to continue teaching new Brothers about Darcy Enrille and her amazing story. She hoped to have left the Chapter she grew up with with a strong foundation for years to come and traditions that will live on.

Alumni Years to Present

As soon as Christine graduated USF and became an alumni of Epsilon Delta, she joined in on the creation of the Central Florida Alumni Chapter. President Josh Lazar pulled in the recruits and it was created with 15 NAA members. After adopting our newly created Bylaws, Christine was elected as Vice President of the new Central Florida Alumni Chapter in 2011! She continues to be a big part of Central Florida Alumni Chapter, or CFAC, to this day. She has represented CFAC at National Convention at Orlando (2012) and Philadelphia (2013). Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Communication for the 2013-2014 year!

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Christine is a part of the largest family in the Chapter, Outburst Family!

Her Big Brother is Deanna Morris, who is now alumna.

Christine has 3 Little Brothers:

Other Interesting Facts

  • Spiderman is my husband
  • I am lactose intolerant
  • I love the New York Yankees, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and my USF Bulls
  • I work and go to Walt Disney World all the time
  • I am obsessed with Ducks, preferably yellow ducks