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A Pre-Charter Chapter is a group of students interested in becoming a new chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. The colonization process is what Phi Sigma Pi uses to lay the foundation for a strong, successful chapter to emerge on the new campus. The basic steps of the process typically include the following.

  • Engage the university to build a partnership for success
  • Implement a campus-wide advertising and interest-generating campaign
  • Contact local alumni and nearby chapters to solicit their support
  • Hold initial membership recruitment sessions
  • Train, organize and prepare the interested members through the Brotherhood Education Program
  • Complete the requirements for university recognition
  • Search for a chapter advisor

The process ends when the group is inducted and recognized as a chapter of Phi Sigma Pi."1 A Pre-Charter Chapter may also be closed by National Council due to various circumstances such as low interest during recruitment or interruptions in the school calendar.


The first Pre-Charter Chapter in our modern expansion history was established at Delta Theta at Morgan State University. Because the chapter did not score high enough on our expansion scoring system National Council approved establishing them as a Pre-Charter Chapter to determine whether the university could support a chapter.

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