Council chronology project

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  • To properly reference all of the Council members who did not serve out their full term.


Open tasks


Please list the Council Members on the National Council pages whose dates in office do not appear to be a complete term, and are not currently referenced. Please note that Councils changed their terms of office throughout history;
1922-1925 and 1925-28 were 3 year terms, then Councils served two year terms going odd year to odd year until 1946, then switched to odd years in 1951 (there appears to be a gap with previous Council serving until 1950), then served a one year term from '61-'62 when they switched back to serving two year terms on the even years as the current Council does.

  • Percival President '31
    • Pease President '31 (A) needs confirmation
  • missing SVP '28-29
  • Zalimeni SVP '83 (^) needs confirmation
    • Brockway SVP '83 (A) needs confirmation
  • Landry SVP '93 (^) needs confirmation
    • Pabst SVP '93 (A) needs confirmation
  • Williams Sec. '36
    • Maclay Sec. '36 (A) needs confirmation
  • Olsen Sec. '51 (A) needs confirmation, may be (^)
    • Olsen was also serving as President, is this correct?
  • Helm Treas. '89 (^) needs confirmation
    • Voulopos Treas '89 (A) needs confirmation
  • Hosey VPAD '89 (^) needs confirmation
    • Pabst VPAD '89 (A) needs confirmation
  • Kordonowy Historian '77 (^) needs confirmation
    • Thornton Historian '77 (A) needs confirmation
  • Donald '78-80 (held both Hist and Counselor?)

If you can provide reference for any of these, please edit the respective Council page and then remove them from this list.


Need to add the symbol keys to the respective Empowered Council pages, with proper notation. We should consider making this a template.

Please use the Key to Symbols Template:

Key to Symbols

(D) - Died in office
(A) - Acting/Interim
(^) - Resigned from office
(*) - Information unavailable

Also when available provide reference details, see the bottom of the National President page.


The dates of the 1-13th Empowered Councils have some discrepancies. Try to correctly outline each Empowered Council, its members and the dates of the term.

The Empowered Councils prior to 1951 have been given pages. It looks like the 9th EC which currently is stated as running 1939-1946 is really two terms. The following Council's seem to line up with 2 or 3 year terms. Currently with the 9th EC spanning 7 years the 12th EC ends in 1951 and the 14th EC starts in 1951, meaning the 13th ED doesn't have a term. Splitting the 9th into two terms would resolve this if in fact it was two terms.