Cristina Vasquez

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Crissy Vasquez
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Name Crissy Vasquez
Chapter Epsilon Delta
University of South Florida
Date Inducted April 19, 2012
Roll Number 313
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Psychology
Birthdate July 16, 1993
Awards *Most Inseparable with Kiana Coffey two years in a row
  • Ms. Congeniality
  • Outstanding E-Board Member
  • Best hair

Crissy Vasquez is an Active Member of Epsilon Delta Chapter at the University of South Florida. She is part of the Wildlings Family and was inducted in Spring 2012.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Crissy rushed Spring 2012 with her honorary roommate Kiana Coffey. Crissy was elected Initiate Advisor alongside Robel Seifu for the 2013-2014 academic year. She is currently the President of Epsilon Delta.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Delta Chapter

  • Spring 2012: Recording secretary of Sigma class
  • Spring 2012: A&S Chair of Sigma class
  • Fall 2012: Social committee
  • Spring 2013: Fundraising committee
  • Fall 2013: Initiate Advisor
  • Fall 2013: Public Relations committee
  • Spring 2014: Alumni committee
  • Fall 2014: President

National Involvement

Attended Gamma Chi Chapter's Boos and Bros Fall 2012 with her fraternal family and Gasparilla in Spring 2013. Represented Epsilon Delta at Grand Chapter during National Convention 2014.


Other Interesting Facts

  • Won Big/Little Olympics with Valerie Rojas her initiate semester
  • Has been a pescatarian since 2006
  • Lives in northern Italy and lived in Japan for three years
  • Favorite dance is the wobble
  • Shares the same birthday with Kiana Coffey