Danielle Brewster

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Danielle Brewster Vanover
Wedding Day 2010
Name Danielle Brewster Vanover
Chapter Epsilon Xi
East Tennessee State University
Date Inducted April 28, 2008
Roll Number ΕΞ 21
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major History and Criminal Justice/ Post Grad = Law
Birthdate April 28, 1987
Spouse Shawn Vanover
Awards Brother of the Month

Danielle Brewster Vanover (born 28 April 1987) is an Alumni Member of Epsilon Xi Chapter (ΕΞ 21) at East Tennessee State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Relay for Life (2009) Danielle is getting her hair cut for 'Locks of Love'

Danielle joined Epsilon Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Pi during its charter period. She was a junior at ETSU. She joined because she wanted to expand her extra curricular activities and though Phi Sigma Pi, was the perfect option for her. Before PSP, she was not very involved in campus. She just had not found an organization that she was passionate about. Danielle was in the charter class, so she was really involved in establishing this Fraternity on the ETSU campus. This Chapter holds a special place in her heart, and Danielle hopes one day her children will be brothers!

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi Chapter

Positions Held

  • Scholarship Committee Chair- Spring 2008
  • Initiate Advisor- Fall 2009
  • Recuitment Advisor- Spring 2009
  • Alumni Advisor - Fall and spring 09-10

Events Organized

  • Movie Night (Spring 2008)
  • Mardi Gras (Rush week Spring 2009)
  • Documentary and Desserts (Rush week Spring 2009)
  • Fat Tuesday Dinner (Rush week Spring 2009)
  • Mask Making (Rush week Spring 2009)
  • Game Night (Rush week Spring 2009)

Alumni Years 2009 to Present

Since graduation, Danielle has gotten married to Shawn Vanover. She is currently studying for her Law Degree at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL.

Bigs and Littles

Danielle was a charter member so she didn't have a Big but..

Danielle has twin littles.

Further Resources

Danielle can be reached via email at zdhb5@goldmail.etsu.edu

Danielle's Facebook

Other Interesting Facts

  • Danielle has a tattoo from her 18th birthday
  • She had both sides of her nose pierced although neither are there now
  • She wants to have kids one day
  • And she's been with her husband for almost 5 years