Darcy Enrille

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Darcy Leilani Enrille
Name Darcy Leilani Enrille
Chapter Epsilon Delta
University of South Florida
Date Inducted March 29, 2004
Roll Number ΕΔ93
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Mass Communications
Birthdate June 3, 1984
Nicknames Darc, D, Pilaf
Awards Best Smile, Best Dressed

Darcy Leilani Enrille (3 June 1984 - 8 November 2008) was an Active Member of Epsilon Delta Chapter (Chapter roll #93) at University of South Florida. On March 6th, 2006, Darcy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare pediactric cancer. After more than two years of valiant fighting, a positive attitude, and bring smile despite it all, she passed away on November 8th, 2008. Every year the Epsilon Delta Chapter holds a memorial in her honor on the anniversary of her death.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Delta Chapter

Darcy was a very active member of the Epsilon Delta Chapter. She was involved with various committees during her active membership, and also served as the Vice President before her diagnosis with Osteosarcoma. Even after Darcy was diagnosed and began treatment, she continued to work for the fraternity. She gave lectures about pediatric cancers, telling her story and relaying information about these rare types of cancers at Scholarship events. Darcy also worked closely with the fraternity with their Relay for Life team, helping to raise money for the Epsilon Delta team and speaking at the main event at the University of South Florida in 2007.

Alumni Years to Present

Darcy became an alumni member of the Epsilon Delta Chapter after completing her degree at USF in August of 2007. She continued to be as involved as possible with the Chapter until her death in November of 2008. Every year, the Epsilon Delta Chapter holds an event in her memory on November 8th, the anniversary of her death, in honor of her dedication to the organization.

Bigs and Littles

Darcy Enrille's Big Brother is Kiala Clarke

Darcy has 1 Little Brother:

  • Stephanie

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Throughout the course of her illness, Darcy was incredibly involved with Tampa's Pediatric Cancer foundation. She helped them with events, and she also established the Darcy Enrille Osteosarcoma Fund with the organization. For more about the organization, or how you can help support pediatric cancer research, please go to http://www.pcfusa.org/start.htm

Other fun facts about The D: Her favorite color was light blue. Her favorite flowers were tulips. She had an older sister named Amber who was just as lovely and passed before she did. Also, Darcy was a very dedicated friend who made all 5 of her BIFFLES scrapbooks to commemorate how they helped her through her journey. She was also a very loving godmother to a little boy named Mark Jameson Collins who she got to meet and hold on the day of his birth although she was so progressed in her illness that it was painful to journey to the hospital only 30 minutes from her home. She passed when he was 4 months old but at his house she is well remembered for her strength, beauty, and amazing robot leg! This BIFFLE would like everyone to know a few personal facts about her beyond the frat stats and that she would be extremely honored that Phi Sig has a memorial every year for her as she was very proud of Phi Sig.