David Lynch

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David Lynch
David Lynch.jpg
Name David Lynch
Chapter Delta Phi
Texas State
Date Inducted Fall 2002
Roll Number ΔΦ
Alumni Chapter/Assoc National Alumni Association
Honorary Member
Major Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (BS); Computer Science (MS)
Birthdate January 5, 1983

David Lynch (born 5 January 1983) is an Alumni Member of Delta Phi Chapter at Texas State University-San Marcos.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

David graduated from high school in May of 2002 and chose to attend Southwest Texas State University (SWT, which became Texas State University-San Marcos on 1 September 2003.) In his first semester at SWT, his upstairs neighbor, a friend of Delta Phi Brother Ben Pfeiffer encouraged him to attend him to attend a rush event. As the only person to attend rush events and having a full semester's worth of credit from advanced placement exams, he wound up as the sole member of the Beta Class of the Delta Phi Chapter, under Initiate Advisor Courtney Biles.

Collegiate Years at Delta Phi Chapter

Biles graduated in December of 2002, leaving the Initiate Advisor position open. David volunteered to serve as Initiate Advisor, but it was felt that someone with more experience was also needed for the position, so he and Elena Leos were selected as co-Initiate Advisors. (Under Delta Phi's system, the Initiate Advisor also serves to coordinate recruitment activities.) He was elected Treasurer for the 2003-2004 school year, but resigned the position before taking office, after his GPA fell below a 3.0.

In lieu of the Treasurer position, David served as chair of the Chapter's Public Relations committee in the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004. He chose to be locally inactive during the fall of 2004 in order to focus on academics, but returned to the chapter and his chair of the Public Relations Committee in the spring of 2005. He also served as the chapter's webmaster from fall of 2003 to spring of 2005.

David was elected to serve as the chapter's Parliamentarian for the 2005-2006 school year and again in the 2006-2007 school year. In his time as Parliamentarian, he authored or helped author numerous amendments to the chapter's bylaws to shape its development and bring the bylaws in line with existing chapter practices. He also attended his first National Convention in Atlanta in 2005, and his first Grand Chapter in Kansas City in 2006 during that time. He also served as chair of the chapter's Awards and Scholarship Committee in Spring 2005 and chaired the Fundraising Committee in fall 2006.

Alumni Years to Present

David recieved his bachelor's degree with a double major in computer science and applied mathematics in May 2007, and chose to remain at Texas State for his master's degree in computer science. He remains active with the Delta Phi Chapter while attending graduate school, serves as alumni advisor for the colony at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and is a member of the National Alumni Association.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Due to his status as the only member of his initiate class, the entire active brotherhood of the Delta Phi Chapter served as his Big Brother.

David Lynch has 1 Little Brother:

Other Interesting Facts

  • Was the only member of his initiate class.
  • Spent 8 semesters as an Active Brother.