Delta Chi Chapter Kickball Tournament

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The Delta Chi Chapter Kickball Tournment is an annual tournament bringing together Inter-Chapter Brothers from around the area.

First Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament

Over the past few semesters, the Delta Chi Chapter has been focusing on expanding our voice and influence on a regional and national scale. In order to accomplish this, in the Spring 2004 semester the chapter introduced a new committee chair position, the Inter-chapter Relations chair.

Through the contact of the ICR chair with local and regional chapters, the Delta Chi Chapter attended more inter-chapter events than ever before.

In the Fall of 2005 the chapter decided to take the next step in inter-chapter relations by hosting its own ICR event at Lehigh. After deliberating on what type of event to hold, it was decided that the chapter would run an inter-chapter kickball tournament. The tournament was to be the main event of a weekend full of fun. The chosen weekend was that of Oct. 21-23.

The schedule of events for the weekend was a wine and cheese party held on Friday night, the kickball tournament, a barbecue beginning midday Saturday, and an ‘80s party Saturday night. While the kickball tournament was in progress, a lollipop ghost making service event was held on the sidelines for non-players and teams not currently on the field.

Despite bad weather that weekend, about 15 Brothers mostly from Gamma Xi came for the weekend. Even though there were fewer people in attendance and frigid, rainy weather forced the tournament to be rushed and the barbecue to be moved indoors, the weekend was an overall success! Brothers from Delta Chi bonded with the inter-chapter brothers, new friendships were formed, and everybody had a good time.

Brothers at the first annual kickball tournament.
Group photo of Brothers at the first annual kickball tournament.

Second Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament

Starting on Friday, October 13, the Second Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament Weekend kicked off ready to go. After the small beginnings last year, Delta Chi was ready to kick it up a notch and hopefully plan an event that would rock the national calendar. Unfortunately, many other chapters in the East Region had a similar idea and were too busy to attend the tournament. But our close friends at Gamma Xi Chapter and some new friends from Epsilon Alpha Chapter made the whole effort worthwhile.

The weekend was planned with a Retro Theme in mind, playing off of the idea of the childhood nostalgia kickball can induce. T-shirts with the phrase ‘BALLS’ were printed on the front and a vintage design on the back were made for the weekend and sold to help fund the event.

Bright and early Saturday morning, the Brothers gathered to treat their guests to the Lehigh morning tradition of Johnny’s Bagels. Then those much-loved BALLS t-shirts were given a face-lift. Brothers learned the retro art of tye-dyeing, giving their shirts a personal spin. As soon as all the shirts were colored, along with the grass and the sink, everyone headed over to the kickball field, ready for the main event.

A competitive tournament was played, not as an inter-chapter rivalry as intended but still fun and intense nonetheless. Once the winning team was hailed, the tired Brothers headed home to rest for the next big event. After a much-needed nap, the grill was fired up and everyone gathered around to make burgers and hot dogs. The event ended soon after everyone was full so that costumes could be prepared for the party that night.

A few hours later, everyone reconvened looking a little less recognizable. Some Brothers got fully into the Decades theme sporting Afros, track suites and tin foil as they dressed up from the 70s, 80s, 90’s, and the future. The Brothers had a great time over the course of the weekend, and next everyone is looking forward to next years tournament.

Third Annual Delta Chi Kickball Weekend

The biggest event Delta Chi had in the fall 2007 semester for ICR was definitely our hometown ICR event, Delta Chi Kickball. We decided to spice things up this year and go all out with a Tea Partay themed weekend. We kicked it off in high prepsta style with an east coast party that relished in old money style. We had classy cups, classy drinks, and classy people. The party was nothing short of extraordinary. When we had all had less time to sleep than we wanted, we arose wearily to Johnny’s Bagels and Dunkin Donuts coffee up at the playing fields on Goodman Campus. After members of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter , Gamma Xi Chapter, and Delta Chi Chapter had warmed up with some croquet, the brothers hit the fields with a vengeance and played a kickball tournament like none this world has ever seen. After the tournament, we were still all able to go home as Brothers and friends. Following the tournament we had a BBQ where we all were able to eat as much food as we wanted with plenty of ketchup and mustard and no shortage of relishing of good times. Following the party we had a west coast party with no shortage of So-Cal style and awesomeness. All in all, it was the best kickball weekend to date as we continue to see increased attendance.

Fourth Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament

This year's kickball theme was superheros and villains. Heroes ranged from the classical batman and superman to the ninja turtles and quailman. Villains that showed up ranged from scarecrow, poison ivy to Cruella de Vil. Around 75 brothers attended this year which was a huge jump from the previous DX kickball, showing that Delta Chi's ICR presence is growing strong and hopefully will continue to grow.

A group of superhero brothers.
Brothers Julie Frehafer and Katelyn Reef as batman and superman.

Fifth Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament

A group of Brothers bringing Disney characters to life.

You ain't never had a bro like me. Disney was the theme for 2009 kickball and was just as magical especially since it had the largest attendance of brothers than any of the previous years with a total of around 140-150 brothers coming from other chapters. Brothers had a fantastic time partying in their Disney attire down in the Gander room. A whole chapter came as 101 dalmatians, there was Peter Pan, Timon and Pumba, toy story characters and almost every other character represented. The next day, it was unfortunately raining but brothers didn't let that ruin their fun. The tournament was moved inside to the Goodman track house and while the games were played, brothers got to hang out with their visiting bros.

Sixth Annual Delta Chi Kickball Weekend

This year’s 2010 kickball weekend centered on the City of Lights. Ten or so chapters came to play kickball and bond with other chapters. Unfortunately not as many chapters came this year as years previous due to Delaware hosting an ICR event the same weekend. The weekend started out with a Vegas themed dance party at the Goose on October 15th where costumes ranged from Elvis impersonators, showgirls, Chip & Dale's guys, ladies of the bridal party and more. There was even a large stuffed great white tiger to greet people at the entrance. After dancing the night away, the brothers met at Sayre Field the next day for Ice Breakers and Kickball. Some brothers came to Lehigh with teams already made, while most chose to join randomized teams to meet brothers from other chapters. After a series of games, a team made up of mainly Gamma Xi brothers, and Carollynn Goldenberg and Alyssa Pasquini from Delta Chi won the tournament. After some relaxation, the brothers reconvened for some roller skating.

Winning team In Your Eye made up of Gamma Xi Brothers and Delta Chi Brothers Alyssa Pasquini and Carollynn Goldenberg.
It wouldn't be Vegas without Elvis, paparazzi and a large white tiger.

Seventh Annual Delta Chi Kickball Tournament

Group photo of everyone still hanging around at the end of the tournament

This year’s Kickball was held October 21-23 and the theme was Tropical with the slogan tropic like it’s hot. Usually DX’s kickball draws in large crowds of a hundred or so visiting Brothers but due to commitment issues and four chapters backing out only 15 visiting Brothers came this year. Due to the small amount the Friday night themed party started at the Goose but was then moved to a smaller venue since it was hard for everyone to mingle and have fun in such a large space. The next day Brothers had a lot of fun playing kickball up at Sayer field with great weather. Bros split into 4 mixed chapter teams named team Awesome Sauce, team Boing, team America and another team. Team Boing came out on top after winning a challenge for the championship against a combined all-star team of team America and Awesome Sauce. Though there were fewer brothers to get to know, Delta Chi was able to get to know the few who came even better.