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Delta Mu Chapter (Founded 10 May 2000) is located at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. The Chapter was founded by Basant Dietry and is a member of the Northeast Region.

Delta Mu Chapter

Chapter History


In the spring of 2000, a graduate student named Basant Dimetry desired to start a chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at the University of Maine in Orono. There had been a chapter at her undergraduate college, Georgia Southern University, which had been a large part of her college life.

With the help of nationals, the Delta Mu Chapter was formed with 24 charter brothers on May 10, 2000. At the National Convention in Atlanta, GA, the Delta Mu Chapter received their charter.

As of April 2014 the Delta Mu chapter is Sixteen (16) members strong, after inducting the the Alpha Delta Class of 10 Brothers. The current Alumni Adviser is Kelsey Flynn of the Phi Class.

The Chapter recently sent 5 (five) Brothers and the Alumni Adviser to the Northeastern Regional Conference (NERC). Our most sent to any outside of UMaine event.

Early Years

Thus far, successful Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, and Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, and Sigma classes have been inducted. No initiates graduated in the Nu class of the Fall 2006.


The official mascot of the Delta Mu Chapter is the Purple Cow. The Chapter wanted a mascot and since our Chapter is Delta Mu (Moo) we figured it made sense to have a cow. To incorporate the Fraternity's colors we made the cow purple with a gold and purple tail. The Purple Cow is awarded weekly by the Awards and Scholarship Committee and the Brotherhood to a Brother whom they believe is deserving of the award that week.

The Active Chapter

The Brotherhood currently has 17 active undergraduate members.

Fall 2009 Induction Class

Active Brothers


Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Delta Mu Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities

Ronald McDonald House

Once a month cooking at Ronald McDonald House.


Volleyball game played in mud pit every year on Maine Day.


  • Floor Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Kickball
  • Oozeball