Delta Omicron Chapter

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Delta Omicron Chapter (Founded xx Month xxxx) is located at School Name in City, State. The chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus Name and is a member of the ____ Region.

Chapter History


Early Years

The Active Chapter

The current chapter...

Past Chapter Presidents

  • President 1 Name (year-year)
  • President 2 Name (year-year)
  • Current President Name (Present)

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Alpha celebrates the Chapter's founding...

Other Event or Activity

This event is...

Other Event or Activity

This activity is...

Notable Alumni

  • Name (Chapter year)
Founding Member
  • Name (Chapter year)
DSK year
  • Name (Chapter year)
Office Held (year-year)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

  • year AwardName

University Awards

  • year AwardName
  • None to date

Other Awards

  • year AwardName
  • None to date

Further Resources

  • Chapter Home Page