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Delta Phi Chapter (Founded 26 November 2001) is located at Texas State University-San Marcos in San Marcos, Texas. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus Name and is a member of the Lonestar Region.

Chapter History


The Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was founded on November 26, 2001, at then Southwest Texas State University. The first ever Phi Sigma Pi meeting on Southwest Texas State University Campus was held on Tuesday, October 9th, at 7:00pm. This meeting took place in the Alkek Teaching Theater (ALK 251) and was run by Hoyt Craver, the Director of Expansion at the time. In a letter from Hoyt Craver dated October 2, 2001 that was sent to all members that attended the information meeting before this date hosted by Phi Sigma Pi, the initiate process was explained as well as the $186 that will cover dues and induction fees.

At the first meeting on October 9th, all forms and fees were collected and officer elections were held at the end of the meeting. The rest of the 6 week initiate process was planned out starting with an organization meeting on October 11th a 5pm at Starbucks as well as the weekly meetings were determined to be on Tuesdays at 5pm. The election of officers went as follows:

At the second official meeting held on Tuesday, October 9th, each initiate received a 3 page report compiled by the officers giving a short one paragraph bio of each of them. From this point on these nine officers ran the meetings with contact back and forth with Hoyt. On November 26th, 2001 the Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi inducted its Charter class of 77 members.

Early Years

The Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi received its Charter on November 26, 2001. Starting out with about 60 charter members in its colony, Delta Phi was ready to start making progress. During its Alpha initiate class some members were ready to take on the responsibilities and duties that come with managing and maintaining a fraternity. By the time the Beta initiate class was initiated, only about 15 members remained. These core members stuck together and worked hard over the years trying to keep together with between 15 and 20 members. In Fall 2006 with a fresh and ready executive board the Delta Phi chapter began to grow significantly for the first time. Seeing the chapter hit 30 members, then 40 members, the eboard was excited to see the growth and prosperity of the chapter. In the Spring 2007 the Delta Phi chapter had 16 of its members become alumni, and a few going locally and nationally inactive. This brought the chapter back down below 30 members. Delta Phi has now moved into its 7th year and its starting to thrive. With around 46 active members and 15 initiates, the Delta Phi Chapter is on the move toward bigger and better things. Being the only Chapter in the entire Southwest region to have two chapters within an hour drive. Delta Phi is a prime location to begin hosting some inter-chapter events.

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The Active Chapter

The Delta Phi Chapter has 46 brothers.

The current officers are:

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

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Chapter Events & Activities


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  • Every rush The Recruitment Adviser works with the PR chair to get the word out about Phi Sigma Pi. They do this through a multitude of outlets. The first is an Email to all those that have over a 3.0 GPA and give a little information on rush week and the fraternity. The next is the Quad days. During these days the Brothers hand out flyers and inform the students about the organization. Finally we have info meetings. This even is a more in depth coverage of initiation program and how the organization is set up and our goals as brothers.
  • The first Rush event held on September 20th was a new favorite, Speed Dating. The actives broke up into twos and threes and sat at different tables. They were joined by a group of three to four rushees and were given about seven minutes to get to know one another. The event allows for the rushees and actives to interact and is a sort of ice-breaker.
  • The second Rush Event held on September 21st was a spin-off of an event from last Semester. Instead of Ice-cream and Charades the chapter decided to do Jeopardy and Team Building. The attendees of the event broke into two teams and competed in answering questions in several different categories. After this was finished they were separated into two teams for team building exercises
  • The third Rush event held on September 22nd was an event that's been done many times in the past. Phi Sigma Pi's Game night. The actives and the initiates gathered around and played Billiards Darts and board games. After the event the actives and rushees just talked amongst each other. After that the group got together in a circle and played a game with everyone.
  • The fourth Rush Event held on September 23rd was the Semi-Formal. A success from last semester and a success this semester. The rushees and actives came dressed nicely and were served a spaghetti dinner. The night was opened with a scavenger hunt of people, the rushees were given conversation starters and had to find an active that fit the description.
  • The final event for the semester was Aquapalooza. It was a water themed event at a pool that was meant to help initiates relax after a long week and spend more time with the actives.
  • On September 25th the Delta Phi chapter got together and voted on potential new brothers. The chapter accepted 17 initiates for the Spring 2011 Tau initiate class. Their bids were handed out on Thursday February

Initiate Events

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  • On February 20th, 2011 the Delta Phi chapter held a Bid Day to celebrate the new initiates. Initiates and Actives get together and wear white shirts so the other members can "graffiti" each other.
  • On February 21st, 2011 the 16 new initiates will begin their journey towards brotherhood at the pinning ceremony.

Social Events

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  • The social committee is continuing with it's tradition of gathering members to go to San Antonio and see a Spurs game this year.
  • On February 18th, 2011, the Delta Phi chapter got together for one of their new favorite social events paintball.
  • In hopes to link the chapter, several of the committees are combining for a new event at Delta Phi called Parents Night Out. It's a social event where members of the Delta Phi chapter volunteer their time on a Friday night to babysit children, so the parents can have some time to their selves. The event is planned to be held at a church where there will be enough room for the children. The chapter is planning to charge $5.00 admission, per child to raise funds for the chapter. They will also require a canned good per child to donate.
  • Because the chapter loves to dress up and have a good time, it's been decided that this year in the Spring we will have a Semi-Formal for the chapter. The dress attire is slightly more casual than normal, and a murder mystery is the plan.

Service Events

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  • Since Spring 2011 the Delta Phi chapter is continuing clean up near the San Marcos Library and the San Marcos Activity Center as part of the Adopt-A-Spot program. This semester the chapter has already successfully visited the location and cleaned up.
  • In due of the recent trauma of the earthquakes in Japan, the Delta Phi Chapter banded together to donate shoes and money for Japan. The chapter gathered 112 shoes and $45.00 to donate the organization Soles for Souls who will provide the residents of Japan shoes.
  • On April 9th, 2011 the Delta Phi chapter plans on going to help out once again at Bobcat Build.

Fundraising Events

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  • Throughout the semester leftover merchandise from the Delta Phi Chapter is sold.
  • Continuing to do what has worked for Delta Phi in the past, there will be Quad days. We will be out on Texas State University's Quad selling items to help raise money for the chapter.
  • Along with Quad days we will also have Plucker's and Taco Cabana nights. The Taco Cabana nights have usually fallen on Mondays, but the night is being moved from our meeting nights in hopes of higher participation.
  • The Chapter will attend an event similar to Warrior Dash called Hell Run where people who volunteer to help run the event will receive a lump sum of money depending on how many people volunteer within the group.

Awards and Scholarship Events

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  • The Awards and Scholarship's committee has gathered speakers to come and talk to the Delta Phi chapter this semester. The Committee is working with our brother at large to promote health and fitness. This is to promote a strong mental and physical body and by doing so with the fraternity this should raise brotherhood and fellowship amongst the chapter.
  • For a couple of semester's the chapter has attempted to get together and compile a cook book with different recipes from members in the chapter. This semester the Awards and Scholarship's committee plans to make it happen by December. They'll hold a pot luck with the dishes and save the recipes.
  • Fall 2010 the committee got together and gave the initiates study sessions. Once a week the actives help the initiates focus on what they need to study for their exam. This semester the chapter plans to do the same, since it was successful last semester. It is a tradition that will partner will partner with the historian to help initiates become better acquainted with the fraternity.

Alumni Events

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  • Near the end of the semester the Current chair plans to hold a Casino night for bonding the alumni with the current brothers.
  • They also plan on working with the Regional Delegate to celebrate the ten year anniversary of founding the delta phi chapter.
  • The final planned event is to have all of the active brothers get together and build gifts for the founders of their respective families.

Benefit Concert

  • This year the Delta Phi chapter hosted Rock out with your Chalk out Benefit Concert for the national Philanthropy Teach For America. The concert was held on April 2nd 2011 at Cheatem Street Warehouse where four bands played. Tickets to get into the building were $7.00, which included five free raffle tickets. Items put in the raffle were all donated from local places.HEB, donated five $10.00 giftcards, a local Pizza shop donated two gift cards for free pizza, a local coffee house donated a $20.00 gift card, Sundance Records donated four shirts, the Delta Phi Chapter donated a Benefit T-Shirt, and Texas State University donated four plus marquees (two of which were auctioned, and two were raffled). There was also a silent auction at the event to help raise money. In the silent auction there was a Golf Club, a gift card to get a full car wash, and an oil change, and the other two plush marquees. To help raise money and awareness for Teach For America, Benefit T-Shirt concerts were also sold at the door.

Notable Alumni

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