Dhea Patel

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Dhea Patel
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Name Dhea Patel
Chapter Beta Lambda
American University
Date Inducted
Roll Number ΒΛ 75
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biochemistry
minor in Theatre

Dhea Patel is an Collegiate Member of the Beta Lambda Chapter (75) at American University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Dhea decided to attend American University because she wanted to challenge herself and get outside of her comfort zone by living independently in a new city. Dhea joined Phi Sigma Pi because she liked the company of academically centered friends. She was encouraged to join by Sara Hiller and Carly Montero.

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

Dhea served as Initiate Advisor in Fall 2013 for the Zeta class. She also served as co-chair of the Ritual committee in Fall 2013.
As an initiate, she chaired the initiate Service Committee.

Bigs and Littles

Dhea's Big is Irene Gould (Α class).

Dhea had 2 Littles:

Dhea is the Princess of the Royal Family.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Dhea is going to dental school.
  • She is the Vice President of the lion's club.
  • She is on the bollywood dance team.
  • Dhea has been doing research in the chemistry department for three years with Dr. Hartings.
  • Dhea likes oranges and fruit in general, but cantaloupe and mangos are her favorites.