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The Dominion Regional Conference, (DRC) is hosted by the Dominion Region of Phi Sigma Pi. It is an annual conference in the spring for the chapters in this region. The DRC is relatively new, since the region was founded in 2010, being a branch off of Capital Region.


As previously mentioned, The DRC is fairly new. The Alpha Rho Chapter at Virginia Tech was the first chapter to host the DRC in the spring of 2011.

Regional Conferences by Year


DRC 2014

March 21 - 23, 2014 Hosted by Beta Rho at James Madison University

Theme: Superheros T-Shirt:

PSPDRC14 Tshirt.jpg

Social Event: Icebreakers, Superheroes Jeopardy, Banquet

Service Event: Backpack Attack for TFA, Teach for America Representative Guest Speaker

Scholarship Event: Roundtables, Stan Lee's Superhumans Documentary Episode Viewing

Leadership in Action Module: Managing Teams and Committees: Chartering the Waters led by Jillian Quirante

72 Brothers were in attendance at the conference.

DRC 2013

Hosted by Alpha Xi..

DRC 2012

Hosted by Alpha Omicron.

DRC 2011

Hosted by Alpha Rho.

Dominion Regional Delegates/Inter-Chapter Relations Chairs (ICRs)

Current Delegates/ICRs

  • 2013-2014
DRC14 Planning Committee (Ellie Hawthorne missing)

Past Delegates