Ellie Crout

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Ellie Crout
Name Ellie Crout
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted November 20, 2010
Roll Number T 1726
Alumni Chapter/Assoc ENCAC
Honorary Member
Birthdate September 14, 1991
Spouse Christopher A. Crout
Nicknames "El"
Awards Miller/Zagiba Scholarship, Rick Creech Award, Todd Leadership Scholarship, Alumni Appreciation Award

Ellie Crout (Laughinghouse) (born 14 Sept 1991) is an Alumna of Tau Chapter (T 1726) at East Carolina University. Ellie was inducted as part of the Gamma Alpha Pledge Class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Ellie originally attended ECU with the intention of majoring in business. Her experience working as a receptionist and clinical assistant at Carolina Women's Physicians, PA influenced her decision to pursue a degree in nursing. After completing one semester in ECU's College of Nursing, she decided to take a semester off from school. Ellie returned to East Carolina University in the Spring 2013; this time pursuing a degree in Health Services Management with a minor in Business Administration. Shortly after returning to school, Ellie left her Assistant Store Manager position at Bookaneer Bookstore in Greenville, NC to begin working at CPW's Restaurant. Aside from membership in Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Ellie is a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Student Pirate Club. She has received Chancellor's List and Deans' List recognitions as well as numerous invitations to join other academic organizations.

Ellie and her Littles, Rachel and Anna

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

Positions Held

Chapter Awards


  • Most Likely to be Found Naked 2011
  • Miss Tau Spirit 2012
  • Miss Tau Spirit 2013
  • Best Sibling Pair with Megan Shaia 2013
  • Matthew Parker's Van Wilder Never-Going-to-Graduate Award 2013

Alumni Years to Present

In October 2013, Ellie withdrew from school following the death of her sister and brother. Shortly after leaving school, she began working as a Peak-Time Teller at BB&T. Ellie has been promoted to the Teller Supervisor position for the Ayden - Main Branch, effective July 2015. Even as an Alumna, Ellie remains active on a local level with Tau Chapter and the Eastern North Carolina Alumni Chapter. Ellie was elected to represent the National Alumni Association as NAA 2 Alternate for the 2014 Grand Chapter.

Positions Held


National Involvement

ICR Involvement

Conferences and Conventions

National Committees

Regional Volunteer

National Alumni Association

  • Active Member - August 2013-present

Phi Sigma Pi Foundation

  • Active Member - August 2013-present

Alternative Break Project

Leadership in Action

  • Ellie currently has 70 of the 75 points needed to earn her LiA Certification.

Bigs and Littles

Ellie and her Littles, Spring 2012

Ellie's Big Brother is Hannah Evans (Beta Psi Initiate Class), who is an Alumna. Hannah currently teaches 5th Grade for Wake County Public Schools.

Ellie has two siblings:

Ellie has 7 Little Brothers:

Partin Family Line

see: Partin Family Line

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