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Endowment Funds are funds setup for a specific purpose from which disbursements are made entirely from the accrued interest. By only disbursing the interest, the fund's principal remains intact, effectively allowing the fund to exist in perpetuity once it is fully endowed. In some instances, minimal disbursements can be made from an endowment fund before it reaches its full endowment level.

National Level Endowment Funds

Subrosa Fund

Jeff and Kim Johnson Existence and Expansion Endowment Fund

Lamp of Knowledge Fund

Chapter Level Endowment Funds

The following are examples of Chapter Endowment Funds. All Endowment Funds should be set up with the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation.

Alpha Tau

The Alpha Tau Chapter Endowment Fund was created on August 8, 2007. The fund uses corporate sponsorship and fundraising to financially assist students within the community through scholarships. The Endowment Fund has a board of directors consisting of undergraduate and alumni brothers of Alpha Tau.

For more information: ATEndowmnet.com

Alpha Rho

Main article: Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment Fund

The intent of the Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment is to fund scholarships and eventually other programming for Alpha Rho Chapter. The initial usage of the funds will be as follows:

  • 4/16/07 Memorial Scholarship
  • Erin N. Peterson New Brother Grant

For more information: Alpha Rho Endowment Website

How to Setup an Endowment Fund

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