Epsilon Delta Chapter D. Kitty Kats Family

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The D. Kitty Kats Family is part of the Epsilon Delta Chapter at the University of South Florida.

The D. Kitty Kat's were known for their unique nicknames, which traditionally started with a D. Founder Nakia's nickname is D.Hunta. Daphne's nickname is D.Teasa. Teena's nickname is D. Seeka. Shakema's nickname is D. Prowla, and Shana's nickname while in D.Kitty Kats was D. Naive 1.

Family Tree

D. Kitty Kats Family.png

Current Brothers

The D. Kitty Kats are no longer an active family.


The D. Kitty Kats were founded by Charter Class member, Nakia Sturrup. The family became inactive after Shana Williams was adopted into the Entertainment Family by Elise Wohlfarth.