Epsilon Delta Chapter Dysfunkshunal Family

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The Dysfunkshunal Family is part of the Epsilon Delta Chapter at the University of South Florida.

Number: 14
Animal: Jackass (Donkey)
Colors: Blue, Black, and Gold
Symbol: Clashing beer mugs

Family Tree

Dysfunkshunal Family Tree


The Dysfunkshunal Family was the party family of Epsilon Delta. They got their symbol from the fact that they would go to Applebee's and pre-game before Chapter meetings.

The family number comes from the birthdays of the two founding members. Jason on January 14th and Laura on October 14th.

The Dysfunkshunal Family became inactive when Amy Haynes was adopted by Melissa Pocius into the Outsburst Family after all other Dyskfunkshunal Brothers graduated.

Dysfunkshunal Family at Spring 2012 Alumni Ceremony