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Epsilon Upsilon Chapter (Founded 23 November 2008) is located at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus and is a member of the West Region.

Epsilon Upsilon Fall 2011

Chapter History


Epsilon Upsilon Chapter was founded on November 23, 2008 at the University of New Mexico with 14 members.


Early Years

Epsilon Upsilon was founded in Fall of 2008 with 14 charter members. Growth was slow at first, but is now steadily increasing. In Fall of 2009 the Alpha Class of 19 was inducted followed by the Beta Class in Spring of 2010 with 17 initiates. Gamma class inducted 10 more brothers in Fall 2010 but in the following Spring we only inducted 3 brothers. After some hard work getting our name out on campus we were able to welcome our largest, Epsilon class, which had 24 new brothers. This was very exciting for us because it drastically increased our group size! Currently we are a revitalized chapter looking forward to our future!

Current Executive Board

  • President - Andrea Nanez
  • Vice President - Katie Kesler
  • Secretary - Deborah Ramirez
  • Treasurer - Tiffani Mungia
  • Parliamentarian - Natalie Kutchera
  • Historian - Sharlene Fernandez
  • Initiate Advisor - Vannysa Rojas
  • Rush Advisors - Rebecca Casteel

Permanent Committee Chairs

  • Social - Kristal Benally
  • Service - Bianca Garcia
  • Fundraising - Patty Hall
  • Scholarship - Caitlin Campbell
  • Public Relations -Rachel Contreras
  • Risk Management - Tara Templeman
  • Inter-chapter Relations - April Salas
  • Alumni Relations - Savannah Woodward
  • Retreat - Aubriana Hawley
  • T-Shirts - Sharmaine Sagisi & Randall Schweigert

Alumni Advisory Board

Past Chapter Presidents

  • Krystal Ortiz (2009)
  • Hayley Roe (2009-2010)
  • Shawnna Gaffney (2010-2011)
  • Savannah Woodward (2011-2012)
  • Andrea Nanez (2012-2013)

Initiate Classes

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Family Trees

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Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Epsilon Upsilon will celebrate its second year as a Chapter on November 23, 2010 but will celebrate November 21, 2010.

Other Event or Activity

Fun at the zoo!
Retreat 2011
Brothers goofing off at Peter Piper
Ropes Course

Epsilon Upsilon has done the Albuquerque Run for the Zoo as well as the UNM Spring Storm and plan on doing these events on a yearly basis.Other events have been things like swing dancing, laser tag, and visiting the aquarium!

Other Event or Activity

Notable Alumni

  • Krystal Ortiz (2008-09)
Founding Member
  • Monique Johnson (2008-10)
CSK year
  • Colleen Hill (2009-10))
Initiate Advisor (year-year)
  • Georgia Mora (2010)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

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  • None to date

Other Awards

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  • None to date

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