Erin Palmer

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Erin Palmer
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Name Erin Palmer
Chapter Beta
Truman State Universiy
Date Inducted Spring 2005
Roll Number Β 543
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major B.A. Psychology; M.Ed. Higher Education and Student Affairs (pending)
Birthdate June 7, 1986
Nicknames EPalm, EP, Palmer
Awards Fall 2008 Tripod Award for Leadership

Erin Palmer (born 7 June 1986) is an Alumni Member of Beta Chapter (Β 543) at Truman State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Erin enrolled at Truman State University in the fall of 2004. She rushed and joined Phi Sigma Pi the second semester of her freshman year where she was a member of the Spring 2005 initiate class, Sigma.

Collegiate Years at Beta Chapter

Erin served as the Service Chair for Sigma Class during her initiate season and coordinated the class' involvement with a large on-campus service event. During her first semester, she served on the Special Events committee and took an active role in the planning and implementation of Phi Sigma Pi's involvement in Homecoming activities. In the late fall of 2005, Erin was elected Initiate Advisor for the 2006 calendar year. She was fortunate to work with Upsilon and Phi classes, both whom became and still remain very active members of Beta Chapter. After her tenure as IA, she served on the Alumni committee. She was active in the creation and development of the current Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) and served as the AAB liaison for two semesters. Erin acted as a consistent voice of reason, playing devil's advocate to important issues throughout her time at Beta and was proudly awarded the Tripod Award for Leadership in Fall of 2008.

Alumni Years to Present

Erin graduated and became an Alumna of Beta Chapter in May 2008. She currently attends graduate school at the University of South Carolina, working towards a Masters degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Though the life of a graduate student is rather consuming, she attempts to make contact with the brothers of the local Phi Sigma Pi chapter, Alpha Upsilon.

National Involvement

  • 2005 National Convention (Atlanta)
  • 2007 Central Regional Conference(Truman State)
  • 2007 Central Regional Conference (Purdue)

Bigs and Littles

Erin's Big Brothers are Casey Runge (Rho) and Brian Garrison (Rho-expelled)

Erin has 4 Little Brothers:

Erin's family spreads far and wide with descendants merging into nearly all major Beta families. Most closely related to the Dynasty. However, the tradition of her first line seems to follow by including extremely tall (and for a while, all blonde) brothers in the family.