Featured Content project

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  • To find pages we can highlight for featured content

Open tasks

  • Add excerpts to the Featured Content page. Featured content rotates every two weeks. To do this we have coded the front page to pull content off of a "featured content" page with the appropriate date which looks like this Template:FP_09-2008_1. In this format "09" related to the month, "2008" the year, and "1" the first two weeks of that month. If you want to create the content page for the second half of November the page you would create would be Template:FP_11_2008_2. The front page will then automatically pull this content in based on what the date is. After you have created the individual featured content template page please add it to the Featured Content page which archives all of our featured content. Also please add a category tag featured content to the page we are featuring after it has appeared on the front page.

In the past we have highlighted individual biography pages, resource guides, events and chapters. The only recommendation is that the page we feature is full of content and is not a stub page.