Fresh Family

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History of the Fresh Family

  • The Fresh Family was created by Matt "Fresh" Nicoletta.
  • The Fresh Family is by far the smallest family in Beta Kappa (as of Fall 2012).

The Death of the Fresh Family

In recent years the Brothers in the Fresh Family have either not taken a Little or they have left the Fraternity, thus dwindling the number. In Spring 2010 there were only two Brothers left in the Fresh Family, Mattison Reese and Bekah Krause. Sarah Johnson (Alpha Eta Class) was added to the Fresh Family in Spring of 2010, making it three. Then Mattison and Bekah left (Mattison self-expelled and Bekah graduated). Sarah took a Little, Chris Lieu, making the population go to two Brothers. Sarah went inactive, leaving only Chris (back to one), who then took a Little, Levi Blue (making the population two active Brothers in Fresh Family). Eventually, Levi self-expelled, as well as Chris Lieu. In Spring 2012 Sarah took on two new Littles, Emily Mattison and Chelsea Waller. In Fall 2012, Sarah was expelled from Beta Kappa, leaving Emily and Chelsea orphaned. Emily asked Kat Clark (of the Nacho Family) to be her Big, thus becoming a member of the Nacho Family. Chelsea asked Luke Hibdon (who happened to be Kat's Little, and also of the Nacho Family) to be her Big. Thus the population dwindled to zero in the Fall of 2012.

The Resurrection of the Fresh Family

Beta Kappa did not want to see the tiny family perish so Written Historian Kat Clark made a motion to move Brother Elizabeth "Edub" Williams and her family line from the S Family to the Fresh Family. E-Board had already been considering creating a family for Edub in the past because of her vast contributions to the chapter (and because she had an enormous family line), but had not found a good opportunity to create this new family before this occurred. By moving her into the Fresh Family, we were still able to maintain the original three families while also honoring Edub.

So, on October 21, 2012 the Fresh Family was renamed the "Edub/Fresh Family," also known as the Extra Fresh Family (Beta Kappa Chapter E-Dub Fresh Family)