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Gamma Beta Chapter (Founded 29 October 1995) is located at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky. The Chapter was founded by 33 founding brothers and is a member of the Bluegrass Region.

Gamma Beta Brothers at Ultimate Frisbee, Spring 2011

Chapter History


Gamma Beta Chapter was chartered on October 29th, 1995 at Morehead State University. The original class contained 33 members.

Local History

Gamma Beta started very strong in its early years. At one time, enrollment was more than 60 members. After a period of low recruitment and graduations, the Chapter dwindled down to a membership in the low 20's. Under the leadership of chapter President Amanda Earnest and Jesse Howard, Gamma Beta quickly returned to being a successful chapter. The recruitment of Chi and Psi classes brought in 25 new brothers and turned Gamma Beta back into a thriving Chapter.

The Active Chapter

  • Chapter Mascot: Eldo the Elephant

Eldo the Elephant was chosen as the Chapter Mascot by the Sigma Initiate Class. Originally, the class wanted a koala bear, but could not find one. Therefore, an elephant was chosen instead.

  • Chapter Symbol: the Golden Key.

The Chapter Symbol was chosen by the Xi Initiate Class. Upon graduation, Bigs and Littles exchange a decorated wooden key instead of a paddle.

  • Chapter Chant:

The Chapter Chant was given to the Chapter by the Pi Initiate Class after a few members attended Nationals and realized that all other Chapters had a chant. The Pi Initiate Class gathered in Rader Hall and wrote the chant. The line "You other Chapters can't deny" came from, or was inspired by a line in "Baby Got Back," which says: "you other Brothers can't deny."

Listen up so you can hear,
Morehead Gamma Beta's cheer!
You other Chapters can't deny,
We're the best of Phi Sigma Pi!
PSP as good as gold,
Morehead shows it three times fold!
We're all Brothers, tight as glue,
We're Gamma Beta, M! S! U!

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

List of Gamma Beta Chapter Initiate Classes

Initiate Class Gifts

Each Initiate Class gives traditional gift to the chapter at their induction.

  • Xi Class (Fall 2001): Golden Key as Chapter Symbol
  • Pi Class (Spring 2002): Chapter Chant
  • Sigma Class (Fall 2003): Chapter Mascot: Eldo the Elephant
  • Tau Class (Spring 2004): Chapter Study Room in Fields Hall
  • Upsilon Class (Fall 2004): Chapter Sword
  • Phi Class (Spring 2005): Time Capsule
  • Chi Class (Fall 2005): The Chi-pod Award
  • Psi Class (Spring 2006): Chapter Charter
  • Omega Class (Fall 2007) : Time Capsule
  • Alpha Alpha Class (Spring 2007): Family Tree
  • Alpha Beta Class Fall 2007): Chapter Flower: Gladiolus
  • Alpha Gamma Class (Spring 2008) : Chapter Flag
  • Alpha Delta Class (Fall 2008) : Chapter Quilt
  • Alpha Epsilon Class (Spring 2009) : Initiate Pursuit
  • Alpha Zeta Class (Fall 2010) : Senior Memories Book
  • Alpha Eta Class (Spring 2010) : Phi Sigma Pi Shield
  • Alpha Theta Class (Fall 2010) : Claude Shirt and Book
  • Alpha Iota Class (Spring 2011) : Picture Frame Signed by Brothers and Initiate Class
  • Alpha Kappa Class (Fall 2011) : Gamma Beta Hand Sign
  • Alpha Lambda Class (Spring 2012) : Gamma Beta Song "The Creep"
  • Alpha Mu Class (Fall 2012) : Phi Sigma Pi Banner in ADUC
  • Alpha Nu Class (Spring 2013) : Phi Sigma Pi Throw

Chapter Events & Activities

  • Spring 2013 Philanthropy Week! (April 15th-18th)
  • Phi Sigma Pi presents the 2nd Annual Morehead SlutWalk (April 26th, 2013)
  • Alumni Cookout (April 26th, 2013)
  • Senior Send-off, Spring 2013 (May 1st)

Officers and Chairs

President Ashley Morris - Officer

Vice President Bethanny Glahn - Officer

Secretary Lindsey Morris - Officer

Treasurer Deandra Robinson - Officer

Parliamentarian Ely Hampton - Officer

Historian Natasha Whitt - Officer

Initiate Adviser Katie Messer - Officer

Scholarship Sarah McCoy - Chair

Fellowship Brittany Knapmeyer - Chair

Philanthropy/Service Tessa Griffin - Chair

Recruitment Melissa Travis - Chair

Fundraising Elizabeth Williams - Chair

Public Relations/Web Master Melissa Travis - Chair

Inter-Chapter Relations/Regional Delegate Sarah McClanahan - Chair

Alumni Kyle Adkins - Chair

Risk Management Brittany Gibson - Chair

Intramural Sports Ruby Parnell - Chair

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Further Resources

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