Gamma Pi Chapter Kadira Coley’s Family

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Kadira Coley's Family, is a segment of brothers in the Gamma Pi chapter who have descended from Kadira Coley. The family was never formally named and was frequently identified by whoever the matriarch of the family was at the time.

Family History

Kadira Coley's Family can trace its lineage to the Alpha Xi Chapter at Radford University. When the Chapter was formed, Kim Smith was one of the brothers who came to help get the Chapter running and served as Kadira's Big Brother.

Family Insignia

Family Letters: Gray t-shirt with blue print? on white primary letters on dark black background letters.

Originally, the family letters was navy blue sweatshirt with white flowers on dark blue primary letters on white background letters and the letters gamma pi on the upper left sleeve. They were changed to their final version between the Zeta and Kappa class inductions.

Family Tree

  • Kadira Coley - Giggles (Founding Class)
    • Erin Baker - ? (Alpha Class)
      • Stacy Robinson - Chuckles (Delta Class)
        • Jaime Zimmer - ? (Zeta Class)
          • Karlye Schnorr - Elle (Kappa Class)
        • Kristen Patton - Cinnamon (Theta Class)
          • Jessi Harris - Bubblegum (Kappa Class)
        • Erika McAfee - Tinkerbell (Kappa Class) (expelled)

Family Awards